Kaptain Brawe - A Brawe New World Episode 1
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Kaptain Brawe - A Brawe New World Episode 1 

Uncover a galactic conspiracy in the adventurous Kaptain Brawe - A Brawe New World Episode 1, the first chapter in a fantastic new journey.

In an alternate reality where man has harnessed the power of space travel since the 19th century, space pirates lurk around every corner. To combat this lawlessness, the space police is on high alert, none more enthused about his duties than Kaptain Brawe himself. When a distress call comes his way, he quickly acts, not knowing that he is about to uncover one of the greatest conspiracies ever.

Step into the world of interstellar travel and join Kaptain Brawe and his crew in an unforgettable quest. Explore four planets searching for two kidnapped scientists in an intriguing, yet hilarious storyline filled with action, puzzles and buffoonery. Can you master this all-new adventure and save the day?

Critics give Kaptain Brawe - A Brawe New World 4 stars and state, "for adventure game veterans, there's plenty to love, from the unique look and setting, to the intriguing plot and great sense of humor." See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Kaptain Brawe - A Brawe New World today!

  • Confront interstellar pirates in this whimsical point-and-click Adventure.
  • Travel and explore four colorful planets, meeting intriguing and unique characters.
  • Follow a hilarious storyline filled with action, puzzles and buffoonery.
  • Choose from two difficulty settings and enjoy the game at your pace.
  • Reveal the great Space Age conspiracy with the entire family.
  • Click here for a helpful walkthrough on Episode 1 of Kaptain Brawe.
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Reviews of Kaptain Brawe - A Brawe New World Episode 1
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
This game was actually pretty fun, despite the horrific english translation of words. However, it abruptly ended after 2 levels of play. Seriously? It's a demo, not a game.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
Wow! I'm with everyone that has reviewed this game so far. Um... WHAT IS THIS? Sorry but I didn't get this game AT ALL?? This game makes absolutely no sense to me?? I agree as an attempt to be a comic book type of game. Definitely not a HO game that is for sure. I'm sorry but I could only cope with this maybe 15 minutes with the slow loading scenes and then the dialouge which didn't make any sense to me. No direction really on what you're even suppose to be doing. By far this is one of my worst downloads to date. I see this says an episode 1 of this game. Um don't need anymore "episodes" of this. Stop the madness, cut this off, and pull the plug already and... QUICK! Give it a whirl and decide for yourself and I hope you can figure this game out, makes sense, and you enjoy it but definately not for me. P.S. Hey Gamehouse - I've gotta ask... Did anyone on the Gamehouse staff actually play this game and liked it? LOL!
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
I had fun with this game. The characters were interesting, and the storyline was good. It was not an HO game, but an adventure where you need to locate object/tools, use object/tools, and perform actions in the right sequence. I played in the relaxed mode, which means that I got hints about what to do next. I liked the button in the right-hand corner where it circled all the places within a scene that can be investigated. Some minor complaints was that there was too much meaningless dialogue that interrupted the action, the game ended too soon, and I had some technical issues that caused runtime errors if I did not run the game in compatibility mode.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
I liked the fact that this was really challenging. I like games that you really have to put a lot of thought into. I did finish the game. At times I just clicked around looking for the clues, but if you read the directions, it put you in the right direction. Sometimes it was just putting 2 and 2 together. Looking forward to Episode 2.
 | Added on: February 19, 2011
Well, I usually do like to give a game a fair run before I review it. Most times I play it right through to the end before hit the the Review button - in this case I could barely stand 20minutes. It's obviously attempting to be a comic books style format. I clicked through dozens of dialogue boxes that made absolutely no sense before I got to the actual game bit. I didn't find any proper HO scenes during the time I played. It is a puzzle solving game - well supposedly, but what on earth the puzzles are and how to solve them completely bypassed me. I found lots of items from various cupboards (which I presume is the hidden object aspect), and I even managed to put a manual in a translation machine before I gave up. That was it. The navigation arrows to move from scene to scene only appeared if there was no dialogue on the screen, and there always seemed to be dialogue on the screen wherever you went. It just seemed a total mess to me. Lots of walking about for no good reason. Have a go at it - you might like it. It's not a large file to download, but I'm afraid this one gets the golden turkey as far as I'm concerned.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
I'm not a huge fan of the action genre, but I liked the look of the graphics so I checked it out. This has the feel of an older style game (think Wing Commander), so if you are used to CGI and 3D, this will be a very different experience for you. The game has a casual and a hardcore mode. I used casual which I believe gives you more hints. You have to interact with other characters and use your journal to progress through the game. You also need to collect items throughout the game, and since there isn't a list (as you would find in an HO) you have to take your time in each scene and check everything out. Some items just have information and others should be collected in your bag. You will combine some of your items so they can be used. If you encounter a character more than once, you should talk to them each time because you might get new information from them. You may also have to revisit scenes multiple times as you gather more information, so you can complete the tasks in your journal. I would suggest you give this one a try if you want something a bit more challenging than a Hidden Object game, but not so tough that the kids can't play as well.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
This game has to have to worst UI I've ever seen. It manages to be both incomprehensible and tedious at the same time. Whether you call it adventure/action or hidden object, it was a total waste of the 15 minutes I spent trying to play.
 | Added on: February 19, 2011
I didn't understand what I was suppose to do and how to do it. I tried the casual game and Still didn't know what to do I used the hint button and still didn't understand. I hope someone else can figure this one out. I will be watching the reviews and hope .
 | Added on: April 29, 2013
This is a true ADVENTURE game - no HOS, no mini-games, just a really fun game filled with humor and it makes you think, too. It's a throw back to the old Lucas Arts games (like Monkey Island) or like Maniac Mansion. Let me start off with all the things this game DOESN'T have: *It doesn't have a cursor that goes bonkers if you misclick. *It doesn't have a recharging hint button that makes you wait to get information. The hints progress from general nudges in the right direction to specific solutions. *It doesn't have a skip button that makes you sit on your butt doing nothing. *It doesn't require you to scroll slowly over every inch of the screen looking for hot spots. They are obvious plus there is a button in the bottom right corner that shows you all the hot spots and navigation arrows. *It doesn't have tiny spots where you have to click to get a response. For instance, if you want to read a sign you can click ANYWHERE on the sign. *It doesn't have any arcade sequences thrown in so that people like me who are mouse-challenged can't finish the game. *It doesn't have text that goes by so fast that you can't read it. In fact, you can set the text speed to Slowest, Slower, Normal, or Infinite which means it stays on the screen until you click. *It doesn't have glitches so that you can't finish if you do things in the wrong order. *It doesn't require you to click half a dozen times in order to exit the game. In fact, it doesn't have ANY of the features in most casual games that I find annoying and/or insulting. Here's what it does have. *For any object in the game you can look at it (magnifying glass), interact with it (hand), or talk to it (speech bubble). In hard mode you click on the object and then choose one. In easy mode the game picks the appropriate action. *In addition to saving periodically and saving on exit, it also allows the user to save so that when you come back to play again you can either resume from where you left off or start at a previously saved point. *There are two different tutorials. The long version is designed for people who are new to adventure games and gives you practice doing things like using inventory items. The short tutorial just tells you all about the interface. I recommend it because it reveals lots of game features like right clicking to bring up the inventory or double clicking for faster movement. &The interface is really intuitive. For example, to examine something in inventory you can click on the item, then click on the magnifying glass OR you can click on the magnifying glass, then click on the item. If you need to combine two items you can put item 1 on item 2 OR item 2 on item 1. *This game is great fun, the hints give you only what you need - not the entire solution, and it sure made me laugh! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
 | Added on: February 18, 2011
I gave this about 15 minutes and that is all I could take. It lacks directions and I failed to see what makes it a HO game. I guess I see the cuteness of it and how it was probably going to be funny at times but really for me it was just a lot of walking around trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. Didn't see any HO scenes or anything like that. I uninstalled it.
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
This game was just TOO annoying to enjoy in any way. I agree with what others have said about there being no clues about what to do/how to do it, but I usually don't mind that; however what could have been an enjoyable challenge was ruined by the frustrating gameplay. The character walks everywhere you click, so moving through the scenes was SO boring. Also, going wherever you click also means he goes over to items you 'look at' by clicking on them, which just adds to the frustration. Even worse he always adds at least one - and often a whole series of - pointless 'cute' comments that have to be clicked to make them go away before you can continue...grrrrrrr!!!! There is WAY too much dialogue, endless exchanges to be clicked, and clicked, and clicked through....and you get them from EVERY little thing you do or click on! They are poorly translated, and attempting to be funny, but most of the wisecracks that in normal English would have been one-liners, were stretched laboriously over entire exchanges, making them utterly unfunny. MORE FRUSTRATION, MORE CLICKING!!! It's hard to see who this game would appeal to really. It seems to be aimed at young children with its style and humour but they surely wouldn't get anywhere given the lack of direction, and I doubt they would have the patience for so much dialogue. Give the trial a go though, you may get further than me (I couldn't get the map off the guy at the stall to save my life LOL).
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
Not a bad game, reminds me of the calssiac sieraa games from the eightied and ninties - like the space quest series. Not too easy or too hard either - finished within an hour or two. But where is epsiode 2? The game just finished! Wouldnt really bother unitl the whole series is available and you can get reasonable gameplay!
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