Jo's Dream - Organic Coffee 2
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Jo's Dream - Organic Coffee 2 

Discover Jo's Dream - Organic Coffee 2 Deluxe, an incredible management game! Jo wants to participate in a prestigious contest, but she's only eligible if she opens a new coffee shop. Help her make this new shop a big success, right in time for the Coffee Festival. Play Jo's Dream - Organic Coffee 2 Deluxe now!

  • carefully plan your orders in this fast-paced management game
  • serve complete orders at once for bonus money
  • keep your customers happy with machinery and interior upgrades
  • follow your achievements closely and make use of the list to earn them
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Reviews of Jo's Dream - Organic Coffee 2
 | Added on: January 9, 2016
I also love this game! It is one of my favorite games. I really really like, that player has to remember recipes and that the difficulty is higher than in another games - it is not easy to be expert in every round :) I wish it would have a next episode.
 | Added on: August 5, 2015
I LOVE this game. THe gameplay and upgrades are awesome!!! I wish there were more games in this series
 | Added on: November 13, 2014
I have played this TM game and fell in love with it ...but the only thing i did wrong was played part 2 first...smh i was so lost,but hey after i got into the game i had a love the upgrades and the staff that came in as i unlock them made me wish for staff in the rest of the TM games.this is a must play or add to your games
 | Added on: December 10, 2013
So I was a little hesitant to download this game as I didn't really like the first, but I wanted to see if the creators took any of our comments to heart, and looks like they did. It is much easier and faster to make drinks in this one, in the first one you had to put your glass underneath then wait for them to fill up. This one you just click and you are ready to go. Only a few things I didn't care for in this one were a) the arrows pointing to the trash. Really?! I know the trash is there, but I can only click so fast. I really wish there was a way to remove those but I haven't found it yet. SOOOOOO annoying. And B) whenever you reach a new level, if you are in the middle of making a drink order it will suddenly freeze until the popup comes up to let you know. That is VERY annoying as well. Also the waiters, etc. are still a bit annoying in this one but better (wish we didn't have to use them at all though). Overall, very nicely improved from the first one, and i'd buy this one if I didn't have the membership package. :)
 | Added on: November 22, 2013
I have played probably 90% of the TM games on GH. I like the Dash type, can't stand the gather resources type. Mini-games irritate me, those are a just something to get through so that I can get back to the game. This game has everything I like and nothing that I don't like. I played the first Jo's Coffeehouse and loved that one, then jumped to download this one when I saw it was available. There are no distracting mini-games, no resources to manage. You click the customer to get their order, make their order and deliver it to them. As the game advances and you get more coffee mixtures,it gets much harder to remember what the recipe is for the item the customer is ordering. The only part of the game that I dont like is when there are 2 order takers and yourself all trying to serve the restaurant. The counter guy will get the next item on the customers order if you get one, the waitress girl just walks away. That part gets really confusing sometimes. This is not only the first review for a game I've ever written, I think it's also the first game I actually bought. 4 1/2 stars!! I'm also loving the new Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Premium - another Delicious game. I didnt see the game in the menu that popped up asking me what other games to recommend though.
 | Added on: November 25, 2013
I think the sequel is better than the first one. The first one, the staff got in the way. But now, the staff are really helpful. What I really liked about the game was that the staff aren't slow anymore. They can be very quick if you give them the highest salary. If you don't give the highest salary then they are very slow. I also like that it is in levels and that customers say buy this and that and when you do what they ask, there is experience points which counts towards your level. Not everything can be unlocked by just playing, instead some things only unlock as you go further up levels. With the waiters, I have learnt that, they can do basic things but NOT complicated orders such as lemon icecream with chocolate sauce and it is required of the player or the barista to do it for them. I like the concept and there is LOADS of upgrades to the shop. I know many players were saying how can you replay a day, however, in the sequel again you can't replay days, you have to just let it go on. I love the people that come to the coffee shop. It is so funny how some slouch and walk. I always laugh at the walking styles of the characters. Also, you have to really think when it comes to some orders because the higher the level, the more complicated the drinks get. I also like how the developers have listened and put multitasking. You can put three items i think maximum. I don't like that you can't put two drinks at once and give people. That sucks, I also wish that the staff can carry more than 1 item in their hand. Makes it more easier. Yes, there is loads of clicking but there is also thinking in it as well. Now I know how people at coffee shops feel like lol. Oh, I also like how you can skip the background story. Not that I do because I love background stories in games but for those who don't like, it can be skipped. I did try one level where I did nothing but let the waiter and the barister do the job. Obviously, the result was less money and less patience of the customers. That was when there was just 2 staff. So if more than 3 were present, I am pretty sure, sometimes we don't even have to play haha. The sequel is better than the first. Overall, there are some flaws but it is much better than the first one. The developers have really listened to the reviews of the gamers and put it into this game. Thank you for that by the way! I haven't finished the game so unfortunately, I cannot comment on how it ends or anything. There is loads of hours of gameplay in this as I have played this game for over 2-4 hours and I don't think I have reached even 1/4 of the game. It's a buy from me! I would recommend playing it first to see if you like it or not!
 | Added on: November 11, 2013
I've been very happy with GameHouse lately due to so many new Time Management games.. I had played Jo's Organic Coffee 1 so after installing part 2 and playing it I was a huge fan of it also.. The different array of character's are almost real and all are wanting their order's whether it be a Summer Latte, Raspberry cake, a tartlet, or many other items to choose from.. Learning the recipe's isn't that hard as there is a book showing how to make each and every one.. This is a game that I could keep playing and playing endlessly.It's not like most TM games I've played before, there are goals to meet and the stars add up until you get to level 10 and they stop but the game play doesn't stop..I still had goals to meet on level 10 and attained them all but enjoyed playing it so much I continued playing..It's just a fun game and you won't regret installing it & playing it..I hope to see more Time Management games keep coming to GameHouse as they are my favorite genre...
 | Added on: November 30, 2013
Both the "Jo's Dream Organic Coffee" games have been very addictive. I found that I had to keep playing until everything was purchased, and all staff employed and paid to the max.
 | Added on: November 12, 2013
I truly enjoyed the original Jo's Dream - Organic Coffee. I was more than excited that the sequel was released. It does not disappoint. One of the greatest improvements is the new structure of serving customers. Before, you had to manually click each item (or two) and deliver them to the guest. That could be a little tricky when the shop was packed. Now, you click/make everything the guest wants and it is in a queue at the bottom left of the screen. When you have everything ready, you just click and everything is served in one go, even if they have ordered four or even five items. That is a huge upgrade. Also, they've added a task window. You earn points here to level up. The tasks are well thought out and add a new dimension to the game. For instance, one task is to give all of the construction workers excellent service, and if you succeed they build you a new floor for your cafe. Another one is give excellent service to the mailmen and they'll spread the word about your new cafe. While a lot of sequels are the same game shined up with new levels, this one really adds a lot of aspects that weren't in the original. This is definitely a keeper!
 | Added on: January 6, 2014
I enjoyed the first game and was thrilled to see another one. Of course gameplay is much like the first (you don't want to spoil a good thing). You hire employees to help you run your shop, make drinks, serve desserts and clean tables. I like the progression of this game. You are more motivated by goals/achievements to reach. The graphics are very nice, but for some reason my view of the café was too large, so that I had to click and move the shop around to see everything. It wasn't that noticeable under the later stages due to the extended room. I would saw my biggest complaint would have to be the "tray", so to speak, that is used in picking up objects. You cannot pick up more than one type ice cream, drink or dessert at a time. So if you pick up the wrong drink for instance, you have to put it down on the counter (can't throw away immediately) then get the correct one. If your delivery driver needs 3 tarts, you have to pick up one...give to the driver...pick up one...give to the driver...etc. When preparing orders for complicated items like chocolate espresso and a strawberry ice cream, you have to make sure you don't load the ice cream first because it will put chocolate on both. I do like that you are the only one who fills the delivery driver orders, so that you can keep up with what they have and don't have. I know my complaints may make it sound like I do not like the game, but I really do like it. I hope they will continue with a 3rd and maybe make more upgrades to the gameplay. Delightful game.
 | Added on: November 19, 2013
fun game but I don't like that u can use everything all at once as you expand your area on the floor.The game needs tweeking but a lot of fun.good job to the makers of this game!!! can't wait till u come out with the 3rd one.....
 | Added on: November 7, 2013
The game game is better, still need to click a lot and the waiter and barmaid are still slow. But i found the trick to do to manage the staff. All you need to do is to give food and some basic drink like coffee, latte, cappucino, tea or americano, and full the stock and clean the table because you loose time if the waiter do that. You leave the rest to the staff. The game has some levels but in each level you have no limits of days to level up
 | Added on: November 9, 2013
I tried the Trial of this game because I LOVE Time Management games (and games revolving around food/coffee), and I was glued to the screen! The graphics were amazing and I loved the upgrades. It gets quite challenging when you have a barrage of customers, but it's an overall "easy" game - you click on the customer to see their order, you click on the items to fulfill that order, then you click on the customer again to give them the order. You also have the option of hiring extra staff to help out a bit. As you level up, you get to make more complicated drinks/desserts, so it's never stagnant. Sadly, because it was only a free trial, I didn't get a chance to see the exterior upgrades - something that most TM games don't have (you can only upgrade the interior). Overall, it seems like a quality game. I MUST purchase the full version :)
 | Added on: November 20, 2013
This game is very similar to the original. There are a few things that brought the rating down to 3 stars. Mainly, the playing screen is too large, and you have to constantly move the screen around to get to where you need to go. Very frustrating. Also, if there is an item you want from the serving table, when you click on the table a pop-up box gives you the option of what to pick-up. However, you can't scroll down the list. If what you want is not in the top few items, you have to get rid of the ones you don't want to reach it - which is counter-productive. Lastly, when the musician plays it is way too loud and distracting. If you are frustrated by TM games where the goals seem impossible to meet, you might like this game.
 | Added on: November 9, 2013
The first "Jo's Dream - Organic Coffee" is one of my favorite games, replayed several times (somewhat relaxing satisfying way to waste time). When I started playing the sequel I was a little confused about what the goals were, how to pass the levels etc. Once I figured it out it was more enjoyable. The first few levels are quite fast paced, then once you can hire a helper it is calmer. Same idea as the first game with some improvements (garbage is removed instantly when clicked, restocking can also be done by simply clicking). Lots of options for redecorating inside the restaurant, I am only up to level 5 now - must be many more levels and I am sure it will be really fancy when it is finally finished!
 | Added on: November 9, 2013
I really liked the first Jo's Dream game. I was thrilled to see this one. Sadly, it isn't like the other one. Unless I'm just not seeing it, there's no way to replay a level and nothing to show if you completed a level or got a good score on it. You just play and then play some more. Getting and serving things is different than the first game and it seems much harder. I don't see a trash can to throw things away if you mess up, you just have to give it to a customer. I enjoy playing a level until I get "gold" or "excellent" or whatever, but I don't see a way to do that here. Just not very fun. Too bad.
 | Added on: November 27, 2013
I loved the first Jo's Coffee game, so didn't hesitate to download Jo's Dream - Organic Coffee 2. The basic concept is very much the same, but some things have been improved (such as clicking on rubbish to make it disappear, rather than having to carry it to the bin). However, there are some changes I'm not quite so keen on, such as the background of the game being bigger than the actual screen area. Also, don't like the fact that no one can help fill the courier orders. Even so, my little complaints have not spoiled my enjoyment. A thoroughly enjoyable, not overly stressful (if you play the easier version) game.
 | Added on: November 11, 2013
Been playing daily, Usually play Delicious games. You can hire workers when gets too difficult. Cool graphics, fun game!
 | Added on: November 15, 2013
This game is awesome! IT's very addicting (to me). I love these time management games. this is a game were you constantly have to click. But I played the first one, and this one is so much better! I recommend trying this game! Though I wouldn't go full forced if constantly clicking isn't your forte. Try the 1 hr trial, then decide if you want to buy it, but I highly recommend it!
 | Added on: November 11, 2013
It annoyed me that you have to click on the customer to see what they want, and then it disappears. To see it again you have to click on the customer again and if you have items in your tray they get served to them automatically. Really, really annoying and no fun.
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