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Joining Hands 2 

 Joining Hands 2
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Joining Hands 2 Stats
  • Take on the challenge of more than 140 levels that test your logic.
  • Meet the lovable Peablins and their friends.
  • Enjoy family-friendly fun and share the puzzling with your child.
  • Play with fun graphics set in fun challenges for all ages: no violence, no time limits, no pressure.

Game Description

A blazing ball of fire crashes into the far corner of the Whispering Woods. The Peablins are awoken and they are wondering what it could be. Help the Peablins, Grandlins, Starblins, and others move into a configuration that will have everyone holding hands and dancing.

In the delightfully challenging logic game, Joining Hands 2, getting all the hands held becomes tougher and tougher as the number of hands increases. Organize the animated creatures into an amicable arrangement. Collect all the stars in each level to maximize the fun. What a great choice for family game night!

Fall in love with the happy creatures and their need for connection when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Joining Hands 2 today!
Genre:  Puzzle