Jeweller - The Cursed Treasures 

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Jeweller - The Cursed Treasures Stats
  • Follow the plot of a mysterious story.
  • Play through 60 challenging levels.
  • Choose from Timed and Relaxed modes.

Game Description

When a jeweler agrees to a curious task for a goodly sum, he is consumed by an Aztec curse. Can his wife restore the talisman and save her husband in Jeweler – The Cursed Treasures, a classic match 3 game with an exciting twist.

Upon discovering her husband the jeweler missing, the brave wife boldly seeks to fulfill the request of the evil spirit that has the jeweler under a curse. As the adventuresome wife, can you do his bidding in time to save your innocent husband?

Bravely collect magical gems and restore the talisman to save your husband when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Jeweler – The Cursed Treasures today!
Genre:  Match 3