Jewel Quest Heritage Platinum Edition 

 Jewel Quest Heritage Platinum Edition
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Jewel Quest Heritage Platinum Edition Stats
  • This Platinum Edition also includes Jewel Quest Solitaire III and a Strategy Guide for Jewel Quest - Heritage.
  • Enjoy all of these extras with FunPass. FunTicket and FunPass members can also buy it for 30% off the retail price of $19.99.
  • Join Rupert in a thrilling new Match 3 quest.
  • Trace his family origins to discover true ownership of the Golden Jewel Board.
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  • Play over 175 Boards including new types like Swap and Limited Jewels.

Game Description

Hit the trail of discovery once again with Jewel Quest Heritage, the sensational new chapter in the award-winning gem-swapping series!

Rupert Pack's morning at the museum was calm until government agents stormed through the doors and confiscated its prized possession - his treasured Golden Jewel Board. Shocked, he discovers that his nemesis, Sebastian Grenard, has claimed it a family heirloom as a descendant of Hernan Cortes. Now Rupert must investigate this claim, including his own long-buried family secrets, in order to discover the truth and gain back the Board. But will this search lead him to something even more amazing?

Join Rupert on an exciting quest through the shrines and castles of old Europe to unravel this puzzling family mystery. Swap jewels and collect puzzle pieces in over 170 new Jewel Boards. Unlock portraits and trace back the family tree, play different board types including Swap and Limited Jewels, and discover the challenging Expert mode.

Genre:  Match 3Classic