Jewel Legends - Tree of Life
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Jewel Legends - Tree of Life 

Help the tiny Hods rebuild their home in Jewel Legends - Tree of Life Deluxe, a wonderful endeavor. The little Hods once lived in harmony with the Tree of Life until the endless greed of a dark demon forced them into hiding. The Tree wilted but eons later, the demon was defeated, giving rise to a new era. Slowly but surely, the Hods have returned to the Tree hoping to bring life to it once again.

  • restore the Tree of Life in this magical 3-in-a-row undertaking
  • play 100 enchanting levels in Timed or Zen modes
  • collect resources that will aid in the construction of whimsical structures
  • use coins to purchase helpful power-ups
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Reviews of Jewel Legends - Tree of Life
 | Added on: June 2, 2012
There is level with 4 quadrants and a bit in the middle very hard. You need to think about moves and powerups are great more would be handy great game
 | Added on: July 13, 2012
We had a blast playing this game. My grandchildren are 9,7,6,5,and 4. There was a level for all of us. I thought 100 levels would take forever but playing on timed mode, that was not the case. Hope all enjoy as much as we did.
 | Added on: June 15, 2012
… I'm not. I wanted to like this game but after only a few levels it just felt boring, tedious, wearisome, and repetitive. I completed the game, buying a lot of power ups -- especially the extra time. I usually like the challenge in Match 3 of beating the clock -- it is simply an annoyance in this game. Besides, there is really no challenge since it is impossible to run out of money to buy power ups, and they are always available. I got really tired of having to collect more pieces to finish the levels after the board was cleared -- a feature that seemed so innovative during the demo. Jewel Legends Tree of Life might be best as a go to game (unless you feel compelled to earn the "played for 2 hours straight" achievement) . What I was most impressed with, and what probably inspired me to buy the game, was that it was in true HD wide screen -- not just stretched. But lovely graphics were not enough to make this game fun.
 | Added on: June 7, 2012
I found this game to be extremely clicky. After an hour or so, my hand began to cramp from being in the same position. I normally enjoy games like this one but this game made my hand and shoulder stiff and sore. This is a game for younger people or children..
 | Added on: May 25, 2012
Can't stop playing this game! The excellent tools speed up the game and keep it from becoming monotonous. When I'm too tired to play other games I still will want to play this game.
 | Added on: May 28, 2012
I enjoyed the demo enough to buy the game, but I found myself getting bored before too long. I doubt that I will finish it. The graphics are nice and the music soothing. If you are looking for something to kill time, this might be the game for you.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
This game reminded me of 7 wonders magical mystery tour, but not as much fun. On tree of life you only get one brick at a time. I only played a few games and stopped just not fast enough and too boring. My 4 year old could play this, however I don't want her to know about potions or witchcraft and because of that I will be uninstalling it.
 | Added on: June 8, 2012
game is fun for our whole family, challenging enough to be interesting but easy enough for all to enjoy.
 | Added on: May 30, 2012
It's a good match 3 game but it can be a bit boring waiting to level up .... like you get one block for every level you finish but it takes an average of 10 blocks to build one of your houses ..which is partly why you're playing the match 3 game get materials for building your houses. It's a long game. Has like 100 levels. And if you are really into just doing the same match 3s over and over ... then this works. I like the game tho. I like to play it when I have 20 mins to kill or if I want a break from my other games. But it gets boring after that. I would still recommend giving it a try. At the very least's not a waste of money. :)
 | Added on: February 8, 2013
This game is a good game to relax with, and it looks very 'kid friendly'. I think my Grandkids will like this one as it does not require a lot of thought. Backgrounds are a nice quality and the music is very easy to listen to and not boring.
 | Added on: June 18, 2012
this game is quite easy to play for any body. Have found that constant clicking causes wrist /arm to cramp overall this game is ok
 | Added on: June 2, 2012
I really enjoy this game. It is a good relaxation time for me, I like the music and the scenery. Requires some thinking but great for children as well. Logical thinking skills involved!!
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