Jewel Legends - Tree of Life 

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Jewel Legends - Tree of Life Stats
  • Restore the Tree of Life in this magical Match 3 undertaking.
  • Play 100 enchanting levels in Timed or Zen modes.
  • Collect resources that will aid in the construction of whimsical structures.
  • Use coins to purchase helpful power-ups.
  • Earn colorful achievements for a task well done.

Game Description

Help the tiny Hods rebuild their home in Jewel Legends - Tree of Life, a wonderful endeavor for all ages.

The little Hods once lived in harmony with the Tree of Life until the endless greed of a dark demon forced them into hiding. The Tree wilted but eons later, the demon was defeated, giving rise to a new era. Slowly but surely, the Hods have returned to the Tree hoping to bring life to it once again.

Rebuild the world of the Hods and restore the Tree of Life in 100 magical levels. Play in Timed or Zen mode to collect resources that will aid in constructing new structures such as the Bath House, the Mushroom Farm, and the Fountain of Wonder. Collect coins to purchase helpful power-ups, earn colorful achievements, and enjoy a challenge with an otherworldly charm.

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Genre:  Match 3