Jewel Charm
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.2 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Jewel Charm 

Restore the crown jewels and save the royal wedding in Jewel Charm, a fanciful fairytale of jewelry-making fun.

Once upon a time, in the faraway Kingdom of Charmalot, the King proudly announced a royal wedding for the Princess. The people's happiness was without end, and everyone looked forward to three days and nights of celebration. On the eve of the wedding, a fire-breathing dragon attacked the castle, and though the beast was driven back, it managed to destroy and scatter the crown jewels. The King sent out messengers to the greatest jewelers across the land with hopes of restoring the pieces to save the wedding, and here is where your part in the fairytale begins.

Travel the countryside with your fairy friend along the road to the castle and repair the royal jewelry so that the wedding can take place. Enjoy 76 beautifully intricate inlay puzzles to prove your jewelry making skills. Master magic tools, fight dragons and thieves, and tackle clever mini-games, all in hopes of helping the King and claiming a royal reward. When you are done, you can even purchase jewelry pieces to design your very own!

Critics call Jewel Charm "a lot of fun", and "surprisingly addictive". See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full version of Jewel Charm today!

  • Travel through a faraway kingdom in this enchanting Inlay Puzzle journey.
  • Save a royal wedding by repairing the crown jewels in 76 intricate patterns.
  • Master magic tools, fight dragons and tackle clever mini-games.
  • Purchase jewelry pieces to design your very own creations.
  • Enjoy a magical fairytale with the entire family.
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Reviews of Jewel Charm
 | Added on: April 29, 2015
It is very hard to find nice mosaic games, or any mosaic games for that matter, and this one is the BEST. In this storybook world you are a royal jewelry maker, using jewel-colored mosaic pieces to create really pretty pieces of jewelry, all large enough to easily manipulate. Some mosaic pieces you color match, others allow you to use your own creativity in choosing colors. The colors are vivid, beautiful, and cheerful. There are power-ups, special pieces, mystery eggs, and special tools that help you design your jewelry. A storyline leads you through the game, which includes mini-games and a jewelry challenge in each town you pass through on your journey to the castle. I prefer the casual version which gives me plenty of time to make my jewelry, but there is a more challenging timed version with a thief that steals your money, and a rogue dragon that burns out pieces of your jewelry that you have to repair in time. Perfect for children, adults, seniors, and a satifying and unique game for anyone who enjoys puzzle and brain games. Yes, guys could like this, too.
 | Added on: November 12, 2010
I couldn't really think of any other word but 'nice' to describe this game, but it is a really enjoyable, pleasant game, which is definitely suitable for kids, or big kids, and is a lot of fun. I imagine that little girls will really love this game. It's very much in the style of the Puzzle and Magic Inlay games, but not as hard, so if you like them, you'll almost certainly enjoy this. This is definitely a game for anyone who doesn't feel like chasing dragons, or doing difficult challenges and is just a bit of good, harmless, relaxing fun.
 | Added on: February 10, 2014
This game is very beautiful for all ages, in fact you have to restore the royal jewelry to save the Princesse's wedding. Fighting with a fire breathing dragon, a thef of gold and a witch very vexxxatious, you will be able to test your jewelry skills and over all you save the royal weding. I recommend it also to kids: every piece of jewels has a colour which differs also for the value it has. Finally, you have a very challenging game that you can replay every time without be tired. Fantastic for all people who like jewels and jewellery.
 | Added on: May 7, 2010
Very cute story line. Nice idea making jewlry. The game gets gradually harder at a fair pace. I only played on the middle level. There is not enough money given to buy what you really need, so you should save it until the later levels.
 | Added on: April 21, 2010
I got this game from a different site back a few weeks ago and it is not that bad of a game just wish it was longer. Only took me 2 days to beat it but i still have fun and set it on more of a challenging pace so it should be better. But these kind of puzzle games is what we need more of on here. The hidden object games have worn out their welcome in my book which is why I don't ever get them cuz they are all about the same.
 | Added on: April 21, 2010
fun!! the story is cute, the graphics r cute. the game itself is challenging-placing peices of puzzle to make jewlery. the colorful jewlery is beautiful, and it's cool to see the shapes of the different jewlery once completed. i LOVED the frog...being able to buy tools to help along the way was good-special peices of jewlery/amulets to help against witches and theives/polishing towels-cutting tools-fillers...all in all i really like this game...
 | Added on: March 21, 2013
The early levels are a little slow moving, but as you move ahead, the difficulty level picks up nicely. There are a few extra challenges which bring you extra coins. If you fail a challenge you do have a chance to try the next challenge, which is nice.
 | Added on: April 24, 2012
I usually do not play games like these but I figured I could get it for free so why not. It is simplistic in the story which makes it fun for whole family. It makes you think as you need to decide what items to buy and then how often you should use the aids. Enough challenges to keep you intrested but not frustrated.
 | Added on: March 24, 2012
I enjoyed this one. Inlay like puzzles with an occasional mini game. Fit shapes kind of like jigsaw, yet different from jigsaw like puzzles. The pieces come off a convayor belt as well as power ups, and other bonuses. Very nice choice of 3 modes too. Relaxed mediam, and hard. This is a feature all games should have. They give you some slots up top that you can place and store unusable pieces as well as other things for later. The shop you can go to I didn't too much care for though. I bought this cat picture that I can use in the game that is if that particular inlay comes up. Well that inlay didn't come up for a long time, and when it did come up the cat piece I paid 100 gold for from the shop came up for free on the convayor anyway. I tried to sell the cat picture back to the shop only to find he will only buy it for 35 when I paid him 100. They are very generous too about giving you the power ups and anything else for free on the convayor that the shop sold too. So I felt the shop's a real waste of the money. I only played relaxed mode and didn't try the other 2 modes yet, so maybe I'd need the power ups from the shop then. Over all a good, fun game if you like puzzles.
 | Added on: May 10, 2011
This game is just like the other inlay-type games where you fit the shapes into the puzzle. It does get kinda monotonous at times but every now and then you get to play secondary games, such as memory or a hunt to find certain gems hidden in a huge pile of gems. You can also buy high value pieces from the jewelry store between levels, which helps boost the value of the jewelry you make. Also available at the jewelry store are potions and tools that let you fill gaps. It was a fun, inlay-type game.
 | Added on: October 25, 2010
I really like this game. It's a lot of fun making the jewelry. It got stuck on level 68, so I didn't get to finish.
 | Added on: March 25, 2012
I played it this evening for the first time and I liked it very much. A very funny story is that, but it' s also challenging to verify your skills. I recommend it: tn fact it' s too much funny to have a fairy that help you.
 | Added on: May 3, 2010
Fun story line and I love the idea. But when I downloaded it my game got stuck on level 39. Not sure if its just my computer or the game but thought I'd mention that. Otherwise great game. Lots of fun.
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