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Island Tribe Super Pack 

 Island Tribe Super Pack
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Island Tribe Super Pack Stats
  • Choose from three modes of play: Easy, Normal, and Hard.
  • Play all 5 games in the Island Tribe hit series.
  • Manage tasks, time, and resources in this exciting time management adventure series.
  • Hours and hours of hit series time management fun can be yours in one spectacular package.

Game Description

It all begins with Island Tribe. Take part in an unforgettable island rescue. The islanders ran for their lives after the great volcano erupted. They need your help. Get ready for an astounding challenge when you play the opening game in the exciting time management series.

In Island Tribe 2, the islanders need help finding their new home. A lonely traveler lost at sea has a map that helps them locate a place to settle. What treasures and artefacts are hidden within and what trouble will they attract?

In Island Tribe 3, it's time for the chieftain to find his missing bride. Restore the one-beautiful home of the islanders now that the volcano is quiet and they are back on their home-island.

Island Tribe 4 offers an entirely new adventure as you help the once-evil shaman find his true way again. The islanders are settled in and feeling happy and the chieftain's wedding was a spectacular celebration, but the shaman has lost his way.

Another great adventure awaits you and our island heroes in Island Tribe 5. Their scientist and researcher friend has been captured by the Atlanteans. Follow his trail of belongings and head up the rescue mission.

Find out why the Island Tribe series is such a favorite when you play the free trial version of Island Tribe Super Pack today!