Island Tribe 3
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8
  • 1.2 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Island Tribe 3 

Note: This game doesn't have an optimal playing experience on Windows 10.
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Help the chieftain find his bride and restore the once-beautiful home of the islanders with Island Tribe 3 Deluxe, the wonderful new chapter in the hit resource collection series. After making a wish in front of the Altar of Wishes, the islanders find themselves back home on their island - the great volcano no longer threatening their well-being. Can you restore the tribe to prosperity?

  • follow the islanders along their fun journey in this sim/tycoon challenge
  • rebuild their island home through 44 all-new stages in four colorful lands
  • construct useful buildings and collect needed resources including food and water
  • restore magic totems to clear a path and reveal special surprises
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Reviews of Island Tribe 3
 | Added on: February 6, 2012
I actually started playing this series backwards, lol; the 3rd one first, then the 2nd, and the 1st game last... It has the cutest characters, who runrunrun about fixing, building, collecting potions, wood, water, milk (!!), honey, gems and repairing huts, etc... All of this makes this game addictive, and FUN.! Also, there's continuity of style and format throughout 1, 2 and 3 that I personally appreciate... The storyline progresses naturally in the series, and game 3 is much more involved, and harder, than the first two... I truly hope a 4th game is added to the series SOON....!!!
 | Added on: January 17, 2012
This game is soooo addictive. You have a cute story and the game actually ties into it right through to the final round. It is worth playing this game just to play round 40. I loved the graphics and that the designers added changes as you progressed to keep the game fresh. Although it looks easy, I had to do a few rounds over (played the normal mode) to make sure I won the "Great" versus "Well Done" which is this game's equivalent of a Gold or Silver cup. The nice thing is that the collection of the diamonds doesn't interfere with the round's tally as they are registered separately. Hope you enjoy this great TM game as much as I did.
 | Added on: January 1, 2012
If U are a fan of the other "Island Tribe" games then U will LOVE this one too... A bit of a twist with this one and it made it a bit more interesting to me. You can also choose relaxed or timed mode which I feel ALL games should have that option..I am a TM fan when it comes to game gene's and really like the resources type TM games...THANKS Gamehouse for another awesome game : )
 | Added on: December 25, 2011
It brings the best of the precuels and something new, very enjoyable.
 | Added on: December 26, 2011
I played the free demo of Island Tribe-3 and it was such fun that it knocked out the #1 game 'Bistro Boulevard' waiting in the wings for me to spend my game credit on! I love resource management games that allow us to chain commands for our peeps that they do not have to run all the way back to the house in between every action performed. Very generous timer on Easy mode,which is one of the 4 modes available,and the graphics are very attractive too. Highly recommended for those who love Time Management and Resource Management games.
 | Added on: February 6, 2012
I really enjoy this series and this is definitely the best of the three. I enjoy that the artifacts are still a part of the game and story. My family appreciates the different difficulty levels. The characters are cute and there is enough of a puzzle to many of the levels to get you thinking.
 | Added on: January 9, 2012
I really love this game. The biggest thing about it is the fact that you can choose an untimed relaxed mode. It is fun to go through all the tasks the characters are cute and the challenges fun and interesting. So glad I purchased this game.
 | Added on: December 29, 2011
Vraiment un tres bon jeu, beaucoup de plaisir Je recommande fortement;
 | Added on: January 2, 2012
This game is 40 levels plus 4 bonus of resource management--at least that's what I've found-- and they're all fun. Little people run around in this second sequel chopping wood, pumping water, producing cement, catching fish for bears, crossing rappel ropes, etc., and it's fast, really fast. To get the bonus levels, you have to find three pieces of an artifact in each level of 4 stages which are marked by doors that never seem to open. A guy comes in once per level showing an object you're supposed to find; it's not too hard to scout it out. You start out with just a small visible area, and the area grows (the fog lifts) as you collect more things. You can also upgrade your buildings but the workers never seem to move too fast, only the runners (you) do! Sometimes mother natures comes and ruins your buildings and you have to rebuild. You can queue for as long as items are available for you to get, and it's nearly as clicky as Insaniquarium and Feeding Frenzy. Take breaks so you don't get carpal tunnel, and have fun. I am!
 | Added on: December 26, 2011
fast pace and u have to think quickly charactors are cute and keeps you wanting more great game
 | Added on: February 13, 2012
It's a lot of fun and not too easy and not too difficult!
 | Added on: January 1, 2012
luv this series of games. it's like the others-u send workers to perform tasks. u have to build/update buildings, rebuild totems, collect materials, put out fires, shoo away boars/bears, rescue animals...while this game is like several other TMGs, i love that u can click on tasks while ur workers are performing other tasks. u don't have to wait 4 them to return to their house. i luv to see the workers walking the tight rope, rowing the boat. the sounds enhance this game. i can play it for hrs. great job...
 | Added on: January 1, 2013
I went through the Normal Mode in a breeze. It was fast paced but not intensive. However, when I played it in the HARD MODE that was entirely different. I got stuck on level 34 and because you can't skip the level if you get stuck, that's where I am still. on level 34 hard mode. Very fun game and I found 3 to be a lot harder than the new 4 version. HAVE FUN
 | Added on: January 31, 2012
This game gives you the option to increase the difficulty which is fantastic and can be either very relaxing or very fast paced. Much better than the previous two installments. The final level is very fun in this one which is a definite step up from the last one.
 | Added on: February 13, 2012
I was expecting a game like Roads of Rome or My Kingdom for a Princess. It was like them, but it was too predictable and too easy. I played the whole thing through in a matter of hours. I liked the chaining of actions, but the overall story was rather trite and the graphics juvenile. It's a game to introduce kids to games such as Roads of Rome or the My Kingdom series, but much easier. Unlike the other games, I deleted it after I finished it. No replay value for me.
 | Added on: January 1, 2012
I have not played the first two island games, and I thought this game was really fun. Now I may have to go back and buy the others eventually. Lots of fun. I was sorry when it ended.
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