Island Tribe 3 

 Island Tribe 3
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Island Tribe 3 Stats
  • Follow the islanders along their fun journey in this Time Management challenge.
  • Rebuild their island home through 44 all-new stages in four colorful lands.
  • Construct useful buildings and collect needed resources including food and water.
  • Restore magic totems to clear a path and reveal special surprises.

Game Description

Help the chieftain find his bride and restore the once-beautiful home of the islanders with Island Tribe 3, the wonderful new chapter in the hit resource collection series.

After making a wish in front of the Altar of Wishes, the islanders find themselves back home on their island - the great volcano no longer threatening their well-being. The future shows promise with the chieftain falling in love, but first, he must repair the damage done by the volcano and also locate the tablets that open the temple doors where he is to be married. Can he restore the tribe to prosperity?

Join the chieftain and his islanders in this amazing adventure filled with love, danger, and surprises. Challenge 44 new stages in four colorful episodes as you help them construct useful buildings, collect needed resources, and restore the magical totems. Clear clouds to reveal new challenges, collect gems for higher scores, and discover the secret to their travails. Who is the strange shaman now appearing and what is his mission?