Isla Dorada - Episode 1 - The Sands of Ephranis
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  • 512 MB Ram
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Isla Dorada - Episode 1 - The Sands of Ephranis 

Escape a bizarre world where reality has no boundaries in Isla Dorada - Episode 1 - The Sands of Ephranis, a strange journey through the inexplicable.

Jessica is a spunky archaeologist who never imagined what her chance discovery would bring about. By mishandling a strange artifact found during an excavation, she is transported to Isla Dorada, an odd land where incredible mysteries abound. While she claims never to have been there before, she is well recognized, deepening the puzzle of her circumstance. Now, she must search for the pieces of a magical mask to decipher her fate, and find a way home.

Follow Jessica on this enigmatic journey where a fascinating world awaits. Step through an abandoned palace, cross a desolate desert, visit an intriguing pyramid teeming with danger, and more to locate the mask. Track down clues and items, solve piercing riddles, and play ingenious mini-games. Will Jessica find answers to the many mysteries she encounters on Isla Dorada? Most importantly, will she find her way home?

Find out when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Isla Dorada - Episode 1 - The Sands of Ephranis today!

  • Find your way home in this fascinating Hidden Object adventure.
  • Step through a strange world teeming with the inexplicable.
  • Track down clues and items to solve piercing riddles.
  • Play ingenious mini-games wrapped in mystery and danger.
  • Meet out-of-this-world beings both quirky and enigmatic.
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Reviews of Isla Dorada - Episode 1 - The Sands of Ephranis
 | Added on: November 22, 2011
I was a little surprised reading the other reviews on this game. I found it fun to play. The hint button only worked on the HO scenes, so you really had to figure out how the game played. The scenes were panoramic which meant you needed to scroll to the left and right to get the whole picture. Took me a while to figure out what to do in the wide screen, but as a hint, just keep scrolling from left and right to find the sparkles. The ending was a little strange, but it sets itself up for a sequel. Hope you enjoy!
 | Added on: November 22, 2011
The graphics were very strange and a little elementary. There wasn't much of a story or maybe it just didn't interest me.
 | Added on: November 21, 2011
This is a good game if you mostly just want to find things. There is a storyline but there's not much different about it than other games--end up somewhere and have to do all kinds of looking to find a way out. There is voice over but frequently the text and the voice don't match. It's really no big deal until you're teaching your child to read. The scenes are painted but not by the best painter in the world. Nonetheless, you can recognize most things on the list. When you click an object on the screen, the word disappears so fast from the list that sometimes I don't know what I clicked. And that's another thing. It doesn't take long and you can figure out the types of objects to be clicked, and you have a pretty good chance of clicking something you need. The mini puzzles are jigsaws, easy ones, at least as far as I've gone in this game. You get plenty of hints that recharge fast, can click quite a few times without a hit, and there aren't any penalties except that the cursor floats around if you click a lot at one time. If you like the searching and finding part of HOGs instead of trying to figure out where to go next and being stuck, you'll probably like this game. If you want a huge challenge, this game probably wouldn't be it. On the other hand, if you want to take a break from whatever you're doing and don't want to use many brain cells at the moment, this would be an excellent choice.
 | Added on: November 25, 2011
Sorry only got through 5 minutes, that was about all I could take. It was just boring and the graphics were just strange.
 | Added on: November 21, 2011
I decided to finish this game because I was interested in the story, which was pretty good. But you can all figure out that since it was part one, it ended in a cliffhanger - of course. The graphics were kind of nice, I like the colorful cartoony style. Negative issues - for me at least - was that there was some kind of duality when it came to the HO scenes; each room had two HO spots each, one bright and colorful, one dark and shadow filled. Needless to say, the dark ones were ... dark. The "help bottle" refilled pretty quickly though. The description of the objects to search for also left a sour taste; if you are asked to find "scarab 2", but not "scarab 1", which is which? And when asked for a bowl, which of the umpteen bowls do they mean? No way to know, of course. At least you don't get punished for random clicking unless you really cut loose with the moose ... eh, mouse. But - I will definitely play part 2 of this game, if and when it shows up. I really want to know the explanation to the "deja vu all over again" plot line.
 | Added on: January 17, 2012
How much time was spent on creating this game??? Not much I am sure!!! Played for 30 minutes and got a head ache that's how bad it was. The graphics were really bad, I have seen better graphics on a ping pong machine!!! There is very little color to the puzzles, which makes the graphics worse if possible!!! Cheap cheap tripe!!!! Makes me question why I still pay for this site!!!! Honestly!!! If Game-house has sold this game to anyone they should give that person's money back and if the person actually completed the game they should be given a free fun pass subscription for at least a year!!! GARBAGE!!!!!
 | Added on: November 21, 2011
 | Added on: November 21, 2011
this game is very elementary but at least it was something to play that I havent played as for hidden object games. I dont play any other games but those, on that note, you will be playing the game just fine and then bam its over and it says to be continued to game 2.....not a good game at all...
 | Added on: November 25, 2011
IMHO this is a game for beginners! This game offer beginners to a chance to play a basic HOG game that will allow them to get experience find hidden objects and solving basic puzzles.The graphics turned me off, as they come across as middle school art projects. As someone else remarked, having to find a specific nondescript bowl on a table covered with a number of bowls requires one to click around until you hit the desired one. This concept is used throughout to add a challenge, to an other wise simple experience. I gave up on this game after about 20 minutes, so it may have improved!
 | Added on: November 25, 2011
I enjoyed this game. i liked the panoramic effect and that you had a few things to do in each scene. The downside is that is was too short, but I look forward to the next chapter...hopefully it will be out soon. The cut scenes are a little too cartoon-y for me, but I understood the story, so I guess that's the point. All-in-all, i liked it.
 | Added on: November 25, 2011
It started out fine but, I got stuck and can not figure out why. The help button does not help so i can not finish. This dissapoints me since I used on of my game credits to get this game.
 | Added on: November 22, 2011
This was a pretty standard HOG (Hidden Object Game), except that it was more stylized and cartoon-y than many of the games of this type. The voice acting was hit-and-miss, with a big MISS going to the lead character's voice actress. My main point of contention with this game is it is so amazingly, incredibly, unforgivably short. I bought this one, as I do most of the HOGs, but I probably could have knocked it out using the hour free trial. Learned a valuable lesson. Play the free trial, if you don't finish the game within that time, you're not missing much.
 | Added on: November 21, 2011
Maybe I didn't give this game a chance, but 19 minutes in, I quit and booted it from my computer...... reminds me of some of the first HOG's . Would be fine for young children as it is very simplistic and not challenging. For me, absolutely boring.
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