Into the Haze 

 Into the Haze
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Into the Haze Stats
  • Explore the twisty, misty, and spooky grounds of the estate and the nearby city.
  • Speak to coldly chilling characters - are they your allies or your enemies?
  • Solve clever puzzles, brain-bending enigmas, and mini-games unlike any you've played before.
  • Use the learn-as-you-play tutorial and the unlimited hints and tips to help you get a handle on the fog demon.

Game Description

Veronica is possessed by an ancient demon and you must save her. Your keen powers of observation and stout sense of safety will be tested when you play Into the Haze, a chilling hidden object adventure. The beautifully crafted visuals, the music, and the story will draw you in and keep you on the trail.

In a ritual aimed at reclaiming the heart of her husband Alexander, Veronica unwittingly calls forth the ancient fog demon Noahmy. And now this demon is after your innocent, young niece Emily. Find and collect useful objects, solve puzzles, and crack brain-bending enigmas.

Play in the dark if you dare, and try to remember it's only a game when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Into the Haze today!