Incredible Worlds Bundle 

 Incredible Worlds Bundle
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Incredible Worlds Bundle Stats
  • Overcome the power of nightmares and an evil overlord.
  • Stretch your imagination with incredible, haunting dream and fantasy worlds.
  • Puzzle your way through a myriad of challenges.
  • Explore a loads of other-worldly locations and scenes.

Game Description

Nightmares and an evil overlord are torturing the innocent. Chilling adventure requires your discerning courage in Incredible Worlds Bundle, of two hidden object favorites in one extraordinary bundle.

In Dreamscaps – The Sandman, Laura is haunted by the return of eerie dreams when a strange figure appears and destroys her dreamcatcher. Laura falls into a coma and you must bring her back by entering her nightmare. What will you find there?

In Namariel Legends – Iron Lord, you must discover the source of the Iron Lord's power and destroy it to save the cowering nation of Namariel. Robots and other unusual characters support and threaten your explorations in Namarial. You must determine which are allies and which are foes.

Your wit, fortitude, and skills of observation will be tested when you try the free trial version of Incredible Worlds Bundle or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Hidden Object