Inca Ball 

 Inca Ball
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Inca Ball Stats
  • Hunt down an ancient civilization's treasure
  • Beware the wrath of the gods you disturb
  • Experience exciting arcade action in 60 thrilling levels
  • Earn money to purchase powerful special attacks
  • Claim a real prize if you survive the challenge

Game Description

Embark on a fantastic journey to discover a treasure from an ancient civilization in Inca Ball, an exciting marble match game where the wrong shot can prove deadly! Play 60 challenging levels of marble madness by using quick thinking and fast reflexes. Shoot colored spheres to create matches of three or more and remove oncoming chains of spheres from their slow and winding path. Be precise with your aim however because if they reach the skulls, revenge from the gods for disturbing their ruins is at hand! Helpful power-ups such as Reverse or Stop appear when you create combos, so be on the lookout to catch them whenever possible. You can also purchase extra lives and other valuable aids with money earned along the way. Spend wisely and maintain your poise throughout this valiant quest. When the moving spheres begin to vanish, your way to the treasure room will become clear. You will even receive a bonus gift to use when you are not playing the game! Try the free trial version or launch yourself into total danger with the full version of Inca Ball today and claim a treasure created just for you!
Genre:  Match 3