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I Am Vegend - Zombiegeddon 

 I Am Vegend - Zombiegeddon
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I Am Vegend - Zombiegeddon Stats
  • Deploy 11 super fighters, each with a unique fighting style.
  • Engage a host of enemies - some of whom may, by mere coincidence, resemble famous folks.
  • Enlist in 45 fascinating missions: base defense, hostage rescue, carpet bombing, and more.
  • Play fast with click-to-shoot mechanics.

Game Description

Lead the veggie troops to triumph against zombies, pigs, and birds. They're determined to destroy all the plants! The battle is on in I Am a Vegend - Zombiegeddon, a graphically clever arcade-style shooter game.

Survive Zombiegeddon and take revenge on the assortment of deranged characters that are focused on devouring all plant life and destroying the young, innocent seedlings. You must patch together a mighty military force and garner individual plant powers to defend against the onslaught of attackers. Use anything that can shoot - and almost everything can!

Gather all garden life for battle when you try the free trial version of I Am a Vegend - Zombiegeddon or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Arcade