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Hypnosis Stats
  • Explore an enticing consciousness expanding plot in graphically interesting scenes.
  • Interact with uncommonly charismatic personalities that are sure to teach you something new.
  • Choose how to adventure next, play arcade-style mini-games, and use logic and strategy to battle phobias.
  • Puzzle and unlock unique challenges in to gain achievements, crystals, and more power-up options.

Game Description

The doctor has gone missing and the patients are having nightmarish visions since his disappearance. The questions are compounding in Hypnosis, an original adventure game that takes on a mysterious trail of clues through the subconscious mind.

As psychiatrist and hypnotist Dr. Maya Anderson, hypnotize the patients, defeat subconscious fears, and reveal the hidden truths to solve the mystery of the missing Dr. Mark. You want to help the patients, but you are also worried about Mark, your estranged boyfriend. On the path of clues, you learn about your own subconscious concerns and reveal metaphysical of the cosmic spirit.

In this original adventure game you must reveal the truth, solve problems for the patients, find useful objects and use them to continue your investigation. Choose how to interact with the cast of well-developed characters, play arcade-style games, use logic and strategy to defeat subconscious fears and gain crystals to buy hint packs and power-ups to use in phobia battles.

Bring your curiosity and willingness to experiment. You'll be drawn in when you try the free trial version of Hypnosis or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  AdventureArcade