Hotel Mogul - Las Vegas
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Award Value: 1 Stamp
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Hotel Mogul - Las Vegas 

Hit the jackpot of fun in Hotel Mogul - Las Vegas Deluxe, an exciting new sequel to the hit building game. Lynette receives her new degree and packs her bags, headed to the entertainment capital of the world. She's not there for fun because her father instructed her to make it big in the hotel business. It's going to take some good old hard work and perseverance.

  • strike it rich in Glitter Gulch with this fabulous sim/tycoon challenge
  • build your way through 39 levels of five-star accommodations, restaurants, and casinos
  • buy and sell land, purchase new materials, and hire workers
  • purchase helpful upgrades and a host of decorative ideas for your locations
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Reviews of Hotel Mogul - Las Vegas
 | Added on: August 26, 2011
Fast enough not to be boring, thinky enough to keep me engaged, challenging enough to make me want to get to the next level. Great all round entertainment
 | Added on: January 29, 2014
This game is okay if you enjoy the build a lot games. Its not for me but some people may enjoy this game. It could have been really good with a little more work
 | Added on: June 6, 2011
...when I have to play for an hour or more to figure out how to finish the level within the time limit, something is a bit off. I like it, but I think the problem is that this game lacks balance; some of the levels one can breeze through, which isn't always a good thing, and some of the levels I have yet to finish before even the silver time expires. I'm quite good at these types of games, but this one is just proving to be more work than fun.
 | Added on: June 16, 2011
I realy loved this game. I have enjoyed the other Mogul games but this one seemed more polished and very replayable. Most of the levels are challenging to get master or expert status, a few levels I tried a number of times with different strategies and either just made it or failed dismally, strangely I didn't find myself frustrated, more amused that I wasn't getting the right strategy. I don't generally play games though to beat the clock though, but more enjoy the process. In my first play through some levels I took half an hour to complete as I changed strategy midgame. The upgrades in the store are quirky and mostly useful or fun, my only complaint would be that some of the upgrades are not particularly helpful in the next levels once you have earned enough to buy them. For example one upgrade improves the hotel's bonuses, but at that stage of the game I was earning income so quickly that there was no real need to click on bonuses at all. On my second try it was fun to try out the alternate variations of the upgrades and I also ignored a few to save up for ones that were helpful but expensive. The only thing that irritated me was the storyline. BUT it irritates me in all these types of games and it appears that game makers feel they have to include some kind of storyline into the game to sell it. You can skip it, but I still feel it is pointless. I really don't care about some convoluted motive beind the buying and building hotels, I just enjoy doing it within the set parameters. I won't mark the game down because of it, because it can be easily skipped, but it really is a waste of bandwidth and adds no value to me. If you like Mogul games, enjoy beating the clock without HAVING to beat the clock to continue, I would suggest this one.
 | Added on: June 29, 2011
love TMG's. this game is very challenging. i found it hard to get expert as the levels passed, but even with that i found this game relaxing. the upgrades were helpful. building hotels, restaraunts, decorating certain lots. nice variety....
 | Added on: July 5, 2011
Read the instructions well. Look at what your property consists of to begin with. Don't just build for the sake of building. Build what will yield you the most money at can always tear it down later. Keeps you entertained!
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