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Hotel Stats
  • Explore a medieval castle and 50 other locations to collect clues of a dark secret.
  • Confront an ancient Egyptian cult.
  • Meet King Arthur, Cleopatra, Marcus Antonio, and other historical characters.
  • Save the world from ultimate evil.

Game Description

The Bellevue Hotel was a medieval castle long ago. As detective Bridget Brightstone of the NYPD, you are on the case to reveal the mysteries held within its walls in Hotel, an intriguing adventure game that takes you on an unusual investigative journey.

As you collect clues and explore the nooks, relics, and secrets of the old edifice, history comes to life in a new way. Confront an ancient Egyptian cult. Meet Marcus Antonius, King Arthur, and many others who conspired to keep an omni-powerful artifact hidden from the hands of evil.

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Genre:  Adventure