Hot Dish 2
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Hot Dish 2 

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Get ready for a cross country cook-off in Hot Dish 2, the fast-paced cooking game that's full of fantastic fun! Compete against top chefs in a number of different locations around the United States by preparing favorite local dishes. Prepare cheese steaks in Philadelphia, Gumbo in New Orleans, Tofu in Los Angeles and more and show off your spatula skills in the Gourmet Grande Prix. Each stop on your journey features favorite local recipes, original mini-games, and unique family fun. Try a taste of Hot Dish 2 today!

  • Two Great Game Modes: Adventure and Ala Carte
  • Prepare Dishes in a Variety of U.S. Settings
  • Discover Tons of Regional Recipes
  • Earn Original Power-Ups
  • Unique Gameplay
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Reviews of Hot Dish 2
 | Added on: September 12, 2011
Really cool game. One that isn't just for expert gamers, too. So cool being a chef in this game. Much more fun than the typical $50+ games game companies put out, too.
 | Added on: August 2, 2010
I downloaded this from the arcade/action section, but I think it's much closer to a time management game. You have to click and drag to "cook" your dishes, and the dishes need to be finished around the same time to get the most points. The area you have to work in is really small. Each cooking box is only a small fraction of the screen. I found the tips and tutorials annoying and if you accidentally click "skip," there's no way to find out the info you missed.
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