Holly - Christmas Magic Double Pack
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Holly - Christmas Magic Double Pack 

Enjoy a double feature of holiday cheer with the Holly - Christmas Magic Double Pack, two jolly games for the price of one.

Follow along with Holly as she experiences two magical adventures that are fit for the whole family. In Holly - A Christmas Tale Deluxe, help her find all of Santa's toys so that he can deliver them to all good girls and boys. In Holly 2 - Magic Land, help her search for her daughter in a charming land of childhood dreams.

Both Hidden Object hunts give you more than 80 levels total of fun searches. Scour radiant hand-drawn scenes for thousands of items; Play fun mini-games like Memory and Spot-the-Difference. Hours and hours of relaxing and enchanting moments are to be had just in time for the holidays.

See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of the Holly - Christmas Magic Double Pack today!

  • Enjoy two enchanting Hidden Object games for one low price.
  • Help Holly find all of Santa's gifts in Holly - a Christmas Tale Deluxe.
  • Follow Holly to a land of childhood dreams in Holly 2 - Magic Land.
  • Scour more than 80 hand-drawn scenes for thousands of items.
  • All games in this Pack are also available as individual downloads, so FunPass players still get access to the full version of all these games!
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Reviews of Holly - Christmas Magic Double Pack
 | Added on: January 2, 2012
These Holly games are so amateurish compared to other HOGs that they aren't really worth two for the price of one. I've played both, but most recently the Christmas game, and it immediately reminds me what I don't like about it. In the first level, there is a room full of toys. The instructions are to click on everything that isn't a toy. Huh? Now, is this a toy screwdriver or a real screwdriver? Futhermore, when you do know what you're supposed to be looking for -- which isn't always clear because the English translations are iffy at best -- many of the drawings are hidden within other drawings. They're just not creatively made games. They're not new, either. On the positive side, at least the Christmas one has an interesting story. It's been too long since I played the other one to even remember what it's about except I recall being not at all impressed when I beta-tested it for the developers. And the drawings of the non-game parts are really nice, especially in the Christmas story. But that's not what you spend most of your time looking at. Another neat thing that has become popular with the HOGs is opening and closing cupboards to see what kind of stuff is hidden inside. So, if you love HOGs and a bargain is more important than quality, this would fit the bill. But there are definitely better ones out there, just not so much for holiday season.
 | Added on: December 31, 2011
This game was quite fun. Lots of good graphics, colors, mini puzzles and things to find, along with lots of friends and others to help. I think the whole family will enjoy this one.
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