Hodgepodge Hollow - A Potions Primer 

 Hodgepodge Hollow - A Potions Primer
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Hodgepodge Hollow - A Potions Primer Stats
  • Create magical potions to help a group of gnomes in this Hidden Object hunt.
  • Explore a mystical realm full of enchanted creatures.
  • Find hundreds of hidden ingredients and objects for your potions.
  • Solve magnificent puzzles by using your potions and intellect.
  • Enjoy this wonderful and relaxing adventure with the entire family.

Game Description

Search for magical ingredients and conjure up some fun with Hodgepodge Hollow - A Potions Primer, a charming seek-and-find journey.

Crafty dragons have stolen a book of secrets belonging to the gnomes and they need your help to get it back. Only by outwitting the dragons at their own game is it possible, and to do this, you'll have to learn how to create magical potions. First however, you must search their enchanted land to find all of the necessary ingredients. Can you stay clear of the dragons to conjure up these recipes?

Explore this mystical realm and help the gnomes retrieve their book of secrets. Search high and low through beautiful hand-drawn locations for hundreds of potion ingredients and other useful items. When the items are gathered, concoct the potion and keep it handy for solving puzzles. With dozens of unique creatures to meet, riddling potion-crafting mini-games, and an enchanted world full of beauty, this is one magical journey that the entire family will enjoy.

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Genre:  Hidden Object