Hide & Secret Trilogy Bundle
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Hide & Secret Trilogy Bundle 

Take three globe-trotting adventures for one low price with the Hide & Secret Trilogy Bundle.

Join Will and Anna as they travel around the world avoiding dangers and discovering magnificent treasures. Race against a sinister villain and thwart his attempt to harness a legendary power in Treasure of the Ages. Collect the pieces of King Arthur's armor and return them to Camelot in Cliffhanger Castle. Finally, unlock the secrets of eternity and reunite the spirits of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh and his Queen in Pharaoh's Quest.

Each thrilling ride gives you hours of hidden object searching through gorgeous scenery. Collect and use helpful tools, decipher timeless riddles, and solve intriguing puzzles. With more than 100 vivid scenes, five fun gameplay styles, and remarkable surprises, this is one game pack you won't want to miss!

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of the Hide & Secret Trilogy Bundle today!

  • Enjoy three thrilling Hidden Object adventures for one low price.
  • Travel the world avoiding dangers and discovering magnificent treasures.
  • Use helpful tools, decipher timeless riddles, and solve intriguing puzzles.
  • Experience more than 100 scenes, five gameplay styles, and more.
  • All games in this bundle are also available as individual downloads, so FunPass players still get access to the full version of all these games!
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Reviews of Hide & Secret Trilogy Bundle
 | Added on: January 24, 2011
I played a bit of all 3 games in less than 20 minutes. They are the same in graphics and very VERY annoying dialog. There are so many items just haphazardly thrown onto each screen that it looks like the game threw up! All 3 of these game screens bother my eyes and that alone does not make it fun for me. According to the reviews here the Pharoah game was the best? Well, I didn't like that one either. The graphics are too cartoonish and the dialog is too long and boring. I wont be finishing the free trial let alone buying the bundle this time. What is good about Gamehouse is that they have games to suit everyone. This one was just a bummer in my opinion, but download it and find out for yourself. I wish Gamehouse would make more games like "Settlement Colossus" Now that WAS an awesome game!
 | Added on: June 7, 2011
Loads of fun, great graphics, lots to do and the music was not half bad either. This one is a great purchase and the whole family will enjoy it.
 | Added on: July 29, 2010
I love this game. I am stuck on the third part, but I'll figure it out. You should have more trilogies.
 | Added on: June 24, 2010
HOs are very difficult to find. Graphics could be much better. I have played games I liked a lot more then these
 | Added on: July 9, 2010
I think that it is a good value and great for the imagination. I like this game and would recommend it to my friends without a problem. The graphics are clear and maybe that is because I have Vista on my computer which inhances the graphics of any program.
 | Added on: July 15, 2010
I have Hide & Secret Treasure of Ages and had finished the game. I was happy to see 2 additional games for the one price. I have a yearly subscription to Gamehouse and try each hidden object game as it comes out. Of course if there is a good multiple game, (and not too challenging) I will get it on my monthly subscription. It's getting to a point that I am having a considerable backlog of games and not enough time to run them. I'm still looking for a good card game of Bridge for use. Keep up the good work
 | Added on: October 7, 2010
Great to have 3 games in one - first one is possibly too easy but the 2nd one makes up for that. Game 2 if VERY different and REALLY makes you think. Good objects to find with fair story line. I think Bundles are a great way to package games.
 | Added on: April 15, 2011
Good basic game because items to find vary in size from level to level.
 | Added on: June 21, 2010
The graphics are poor if you play this game long your liable to develop a squint from searching for objects. The game play is slow and while I don't mind the objects being hard to find it shouldn't be because they are almost a part of the game. This had the potential to be a great learning game and failed.
 | Added on: July 6, 2010
IN MY OPINION... While it's nice and appreciated that Game House offered this as a bundle deal however... Sorry... But... Don't bother buying this bundle as the 1st 2 games are boring. The objects are difficult to find and way to much chit chat interruption. Pharaoh's Quest 3 is the one to play and purchase which can be purchased by itself. This game is the bomb and is challenging and thinky at times but not so frustrating you want to quit playing. That's why I rated this a 3 rating. The 1st two games boring but Pharaoh's quest is a 5 star game all the way and my addictive, involved, good value and original checks are for this game only as well.
 | Added on: September 16, 2010
I've played these games before, individually. When this bundle came up for sale, I bought them because they're pretty challenging and run at a good pace. And I have liked replaying them since I've forgotten where all the hidden objects are so they're new to me! :o)
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