Hidden Relics 

 Hidden Relics
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Hidden Relics Stats
  • Loads of Challenging Levels
  • Nine Unique Mini-Games
  • 40 "Secret" Hidden Items to Discover
  • Gorgeous Full-Screen Graphics

Game Description

A plane full of priceless antiques has been hijacked in a high-altitude heist and it's up to you to track down the thief and the missing goods in this hidden-object adventure. Join a young investigator as she scours Europe for the stolen items and tries to stay one step ahead of the dastardly villain. Search each richly detailed location for the relics on your list and return the precious cargo to the rightful owner. Bend your brain with nine unique mini-games to unlock an array of gadgets to help you discover secret items and solve the case. Featuring a stirring storyline, gorgeous full-screen graphics, and hours of addictive gameplay, Hidden Relics is an eye-popping quest that's full of priceless fun!
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