Hidden Object - Home Makeover
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
  • Uninstall instructions
Award Value: 1 Stamp
Release Date: 

Hidden Object - Home Makeover 

Help Emma get started in her new career as a designer with practice restoring her grandparents' old house in Home Makeover Hidden Object, a fun goal-based game with hidden object, match 3, and time management challenges rolled into one.

Emma must make money to buy the décor she wants. Sort through all sorts of curious things her grandparents have collected over the years and find treasures to sell. Hold jumble sales and collect cash from the neighbors who come to claim the odd objects and old gems.

Learn household tips and restore the old home when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Home Makeover Hidden Object today!

  • Enjoy endless gameplay through unlimited levels.
  • Specifically choose from Classic, Memory, Survival, and Memory-Flash game modes.
  • Hunt based on lists, pictures, silhouettes, and scrambled words.
  • Gather 9 challenging achievements.
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Reviews of Hidden Object - Home Makeover
 | Added on: July 3, 2014
If you want relaxing, this is your game. If you like a plot with your game, sorry this is not for you. If you think the way to make a room comfortable or attractive (this is called Home Makeover after all) is to furnish it with every electronic device before you even put a rug on the floor or curtains on the windows, then you have found your game. I'll pass thanks.
 | Added on: March 22, 2014
If you want a HO games that is relaxing this game is for you. I like the way they show the item or the outline of the item. The mixed letters to find an item will make you thing. Over all this is worth the buy.
 | Added on: March 22, 2014
If you like the straight up, find the objects type games then you will love this one. There's no objects in inventory or flip flopping between rooms, just pure simple HO's with the occasional mini game thrown in every few levels. They have spiced it up just a tad where sometimes you are given just a silhouette of the object to find or sometimes a word you need to unscramble to find your item. But neither were hard and all in all this is a simple, easy going game which is perfect if you just want to relax and not have to think. I do not play with sounds on so I cannot comment on that feature.
 | Added on: March 22, 2014
This game is such a blatant knock-off of Gardenscapes, it's ridiculous. They tried to add a few more things, like a random round of Match-3 to collect a stamp here & there - & why is it always a stamp? Who knows. But the un-originality of this game wouldn't bother me TOO much - seeing as I love the Gardenscapes games - but for the fact that it's done with way less creativity & an obviously smaller budget. The graphics are not good & the music is very annoying. And be prepared because no one spent any real time with the whole English language thing here, either... unless you call a roll of toilet paper 'a tissue'. So if you're thinking to yourself, You know, I liked Gardenscapes a lot, but it was just TOO good - the graphics just TOO nice & the details just TOO perfect; then you will love this game because it is none of those things.
 | Added on: March 25, 2014
This game is interesting at first but then it becomes very boring very quickly. You end up playing the same scenes over and over again. The kids would enjoy it.
 | Added on: March 25, 2014
If you've already played Gardenscapes, then this game isn't really any different. It's nearly a knockoff of it, with a few exceptions. First off, the graphics aren't really that much different. I saw a few reviews of complaints about how bad the graphics are. Not sure where they're coming from, because I checked the actual graphic packs. They're almost identical in texture and noise. Another review complained about the music in this one compared to Gardenscapes. Want the truth? BOTH soundtracks are annoying. It seemed that some of the reviewers just didn't like the fact that this is almost an exact duplicate of Gardenscapes, so everything about it must be bad. Well, it's time for a fair review. 1. Gardenscapes is definitely better. While both games have you fixing something up by selling items to customers, Gardenscape's "Help" feature always works. Home Makeover's "Help" feature doesn't work most of the time. If you're stuck looking for an item and you click for help, chances are you're not going to get any. 2. Home Makeover has a few things that Gardenscapes doesn't have. I did enjoy the match-3 minigame, but since it's completely random, it's very difficult to collect all the stamps necessary to complete the level, because it's turn-based and not timed. The memory game was a nice feature as well, and I like that Home Makeover has different ways of finding items, i.e. Words, Pictures, Shadows, Scrambled Words. (And while I'm at it, a couple of reviews also complained about some of the words used to name some of the items.. The words are right in both games, even though both games will purposely use a more uncommon word on occasion.) 3. Home Makeover has frozen on me twice so far. Gardenscapes has not. Home Makeover is not the first game to be a complete knockoff of another game. I can assure you Bejeweled is NOT the first match-3 game, nor is it any more original than Home Makeover is, since it plays exactly the same as its predecessor. The difference is Bejeweled always works. So I give it 3 stars, not because it's a knockoff game. I've played pretty good knockoff games. This one has more features than Gardenscapes, and that's great. It has flaws, though, and they're consistent.
 | Added on: March 31, 2014
At first, I would have given it 5 stars. Unfortunately, I had to knock it down to 2 1/2 to 3 stars. It was fun while I was able to decorate the place but I quickly found out that the only ones to decorate are the porch and living room. I'm on level 398 and all I'm doing is collecting money. It seems after you reach your goals and finish the 2 areas, you're pretty much done. I found it very addicting but it became boring and seemed like I was playing for nothing. I'll still play it but it won't be my 'go to' game. It IS a lot like Gardenscapes and that's the reason I liked it. Gardenscapes is better because you're able to do the whole house and garden. As someone stated earlier, the hint button doesn't always help. When you need it the most, it does nothing at all. As for the stamps, I agree. You are wasting your moves because you have no idea where the stamps are. It takes forever for the new stamp to show and by then you have run of turns.
 | Added on: March 20, 2014
This is a nice little Hidden Objects game that mixes it up between showing you objects, outlines or just words.
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