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Heroes of Solitairea 

 Heroes of Solitairea
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Heroes of Solitairea Stats
  • Raise your dragon from a hatchling to a powerful ally.
  • Play your best to collect gold and buy power-ups.
  • Strategically use a variety of dragon spells for maximum effect.
  • Follow a magical fantasy quest through 200 levels of dueling gameplay.

Game Description

Chaos and dark magic abound in the once peaceful Solitairea. You and your dragon must save the kingdom from the grip of the evil witch. With each engagement your skill improves and your dragon becomes more powerful in Heroes of Solitairea, an enthralling card game within a fantasy adventure.

Collect gold and gain experience with each hand. Buy new powers for your dragon so he can assist you during the match. Adorn yourself and your dragon with accessories that boost your command over evil. Strategically use wild cards, power-ups, and Undo to gain maximum advantage and quickly advance on your quest.

Be brave, daring, and quick witted when you play the free trial version of Heroes of Solitairea today!
Genre:  Card