Hedgehogs in Space 

 Hedgehogs in Space
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Hedgehogs in Space Stats
  • Strap in for a wild ride across the galaxy
  • Gather matching elements and ward off angry hedgehogs
  • Create mega-groups to capture special items for points and awards
  • Enjoy hours of frantic matching fun
  • A perfect game for kids!

Game Description

Blast off to frenzied fun with Hedgehogs in Space, a wacky Match 3 game for young and old alike!

Your greedy boss wants to amass untold riches and rid the cosmos of pesky hedgehogs. Why? It doesn't matter because she's your boss! Grab your marching orders and strap in for a wild ride across the galaxy to accomplish your mission!

Visit five planets and gather matching elements by drawing lines in a square pattern to connect them. Whether they are next to each other or not, the more you can surround with your square, the greater the chances are to collect mega points! Fill the progress tube to travel to the next location and ward of angry hedgehogs by capturing special items. Are you fast and sharp enough to make your boss happy?

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Genre:  Match 3