Happy Chef
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Happy Chef 

Display your coveted cooking skills in Happy Chef Deluxe, a fast-paced frenzy to keep up with customers. Your dad has entrusted the hamburger hamlet to you. It's not exactly the career you hoped for, but without a better choice, it's the only thing you can do. Fear not however, because with some dedication and hard work, you'll soon be running the best restaurant in the country.

  • command the kitchen with this fantastic time management game
  • demonstrate your cooking skills in over 100 dishes to keep customers happy
  • start with hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries, then work your way up to more
  • earn money to decorate your restaurant with new furniture and accessories
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Reviews of Happy Chef
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
The mechanics are very similar to Hot Dog Hot Shot: a counter full of people waiting to be served and you can prepare some of the food ahead of time, but most needs some final finishes before being served to customers. (Such as adding lettuce or ketchup to an item or plate.) I'm an avid fan of TM games, but this one I found to be extremely fast paced. While I didn't feel it was necessarily hard to get great scores, it did feel like you had to be going warp speed to keep up. The upgrades in game seem to be more about making money or increasing the seconds the customer will wait - I would find it much easier to recommend this game if, say there was an upgrade to buy more space to prepare food. For instance the first restaurant you can only make/have 3 hamburgers, the second you can only make/have 3 eggs... where is the upgrade to 4 or 5 preparations? I don't think this is the game for me, but the graphics are cute and there is a decent story line, so if you want to click really fast this game is for you.
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
I am pretty sure that the same people who made Hotdog Hotshot made Happy Chef. The graphics are very similar, as is the "bonus" award money you can earn (e.g. serving ten customers in 1 minute). The game is fast paced and very clicky, so you have to stay on your toes. You can buy upgrades to keep your restaurants up to date - however, you can only buy two upgraded food items, whereas the rest of the upgrades are geared towards keep a customer's patience. Unlike Hotdog Hotshot, the storyline is fairly boring and the customers in the game aren't as interesting (how can you beat New Yorkers themed characters though?). All in all, it is a fun game, but it can get borderline monotonous though. I still recommend it for playing.
 | Added on: March 23, 2012
I had a great time playing this game. The graphics are very clean, and even on a small screen it was easy to see exactly what combinations you were supposed to make. The music wasn't annoying, and I was actually able to play for over an hour with my 10-month old watching from my lap; he enjoyed the sound effects and the movement. The gameplay is a little repetitive, but since it gets faster and faster, I don't mind that. I'm fine with doing the same type of action if the challenge increases. And it definitely does! Those customers get very impatient after just a few rounds of a level! This seemed like it would be a great game to play all the way until the end. And then, all of a sudden, the game would no longer load and crashed every time I tried to open it up. Very disappointed.
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
this game reminds me of Burger Shop. it is not quite as chaotic. it is a very repititious game. make burgers-add lettuce, ect/make fries/make hotdogs/serve customers & repeat & repeat. the upgrades help-add seconds to the wait time of the customers, add coins to the cost of items. but you don't see some of them-the chairs/tables...it does get more demanding as you go into the game of course. all in all an ok game.
 | Added on: March 27, 2012
If you are looking for a fun time management game, this should be your last option. It is the same thing over and over. Maybe it gets better after awhile but the first 12 levels are the EXACT same thing. Not fun.
 | Added on: March 22, 2012
This game is a bit clicky, but if you like the "cooking" styled games that aren't impossible to see (like the Dash games), then this is the game for you! I had fun with this and I hardly pay attention to story lines, though this story was basically the "usual" for these games. The Delicious serious has an edge over this game in the story department, but at times too much story is a distraction. I just want to play the game. I think all of these games need a "leave the story line out" function. Some games do, this one does not.
 | Added on: March 23, 2012
I think there was a good game in there somewhere, but it was very boring for the most part alot of clicking and not much to it really but the cooking part was fun I didnt like the up grades or the customers the way they were made to look and the lack of patience I just really did not like it to much but it could have been a good game if some things were different.
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
a lot of TM games but yet, very different in many respects. It is very clicky but you gotta' work fast if you want to pass the levels. Customers do tend to get angry very quickly and they start lining up just as you get the first food starting to cook. This game actually makes my hand hurt it is so intense...;) There are many different combinations of food that the customers want, you need good memory to remember what it was exactly that each customer orders. There's really no storage room to hold much so pre-preparing dishes is limited. I wouldn't recommend it for kids just from the stand point of how fast the game moves. Other than that, the graphics are great, music....well....not my favorite background sound but it will do...;) AND....to top it all off, so far I haven't found any glitches like in the last TM release.
 | Added on: March 27, 2012
I didn't care for it right off the bat. I didn't like how you couldn't pick up one of the items then click each customer to hand it to them. Found it very hard to click on say the iced tea everytime I wanted to give it to a customer. Also I found just on the 2nd restaurant that I couldn't get past it because my customers got very impatient very fast. I do however like the animation, colors, and even the music. The people are cute as well. I think this could be a great game if thought out a bit more. Don't waste your fun pass tickets on this game--you will just be disappointed.
 | Added on: March 22, 2012
This is OK. It's extremely repetitive and there isn't a lot of attention to detail. It's clicky, but in that very specific way - your aim needs to be spot on. I find it painful on a laptop after a while. I hate that you can't pick up more than one thing at a time, so there's not a lot of strategy involved beyond trying to keep the grills and extras filled up between customers. The timing is kind of off compared to the more developed TM series like Delicious and Diner Dash, or even several of the Youda games. This feels like older technology, basically. The story is definitely lacking. So while I'm glad Gamehouse has something new in my favorite category, this isn't filling my itch for a new Emily game!
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
 | Added on: March 26, 2012
Made it thru level 12 in 30 minutes and it was pretty much the exact same stuff only slightly faster each time. Maybe it's better in later levels but it did not create the desire to find out. I'd rather replay Spooky Mall (again). Maybe best for 8-10 year olds who like the speed aspect of it.
 | Added on: March 20, 2012
I enjoyed the game , but , it just started to get a little boring after doing the same thing over again, didnt finish the game.
 | Added on: April 22, 2012
I liked the diversity of food and the design. I had lot of fun in that evening. Pitty it was one evening. I didn't like the fact that the upgrades of the furniture didn't had much sense, you couldn't see how the customers are using it and enjoying it.
 | Added on: March 19, 2012
VERY cute time management game..NO glitches as for me and it's a game the entire family could play and enjoy.. It will remind you of HOTDOG HOTSHOT on the first round but changes after that. I found it a bit easy for me and prefer a bit more challenging but overall it's a good game with original idea's.. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone.. GREAT graphic's too.. I'm hoping there will be a "HAPPY CHEF ".. Thanks Gamehouse!!!!!
 | Added on: October 8, 2012
I tried the trial of this game but gave up after 22 minutes as it was just too clicky i also didnt like that the upgrades dont make much of a difference and the customers get impatient very quickly. I liked the animation and sounds though, very colourful.
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