Habitat Rescue™ - Lion's Pride 

 Habitat Rescue™ - Lion's Pride
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Habitat Rescue™ - Lion's Pride Stats
  • Guide your Lions through an inspirational journey to rebuild their home.
  • Watch them raise families and share unique traits in this real-time adventure.
  • Help them solve puzzles and embark on adventures.
  • Follow their progress with achievements and individual histories.
  • Your lions continue to grow, even when the computer is off!

Game Description

Reclaim a lost kingdom in Habitat Rescue™ - Lion's Pride, and help a pride of lions restore their savanna paradise.

Long ago, there was a beautiful savanna, serene and full of life. It was a treasure, and a wellspring of spiritual enlightenment. The lion spirit, Asadi, oversaw the care of this land, with all creatures thriving in the health and balance of the habitat. One day, the dark cloud of industry fell over the savanna - a cloud too black and poisonous for Asadi to penetrate. Without her protection, greed, abuse and waste poisoned the lands. The pride was forced to leave its ancestral home, with hopes of reviving Asadi, rescuing their habitat, and restoring the pride.

Guide your Lions through this inspirational journey to rebuild their home. Watch them as they raise families, encounter hyenas, crocodiles, hippos and a host of other creatures along the way. Help them solve puzzles, embark on adventures, and heal their habitat. With the real-time aspect of the game play, they will continue to grow even when your computer is off!

Try the free trial version of Habitat Rescue™ - Lion's Pride, or download the full-unlimited version and adopt your first two lion cubs today!
Genre:  ActionArcadeAdventure