Green City 2 

 Green City 2
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Green City 2 Stats
  • Choose the types of buildings to build, maintain, or sell.
  • Apply your time management and resource efficiency skills to beat the clock and achieve your target goals at each level.
  • Clean up the streets and install promenades to enhance your eco-score.
  • Buy, tear-down, or refurbish to resell and create more cash for eco-investment.

Game Description

Branch out in this sequel to bring nearby neighborhoods up to eco-code. Restore old buildings and clean up the streets in Green City 2, a challenging sequel to the eco-friendly simulation game. Construct eco-houses with solar-celled roofs, install community green belts, and open green energy plants. Bring ecological balance to everything you touch. Trash and old buildings are prevalent when you arrive, and you see opportunity everywhere. Repurpose public spaces and teach the citizens how to lead an eco-conscious lifestyle. You'll be absorbed and entertained for hours as you make big improvements. Get your green on when you try the free trial version of Green City 2 or download the full-unlimited version today!