Greed - The Mad Scientist 

 Greed - The Mad Scientist
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Greed - The Mad Scientist Stats
  • Become immersed in the chilling, sci-fi atmosphere.
  • Follow an unnerving storyline with unexpected twists.
  • Refer to your case file to review evidence.
  • Play unique mini-games as well as searching through detailed hidden object scenes.

Game Description

Was it sabotage or an accident? The explosion at the lab leaves so many unanswered questions and waning hope for Sara's ailing brother Sam. Piece together the clues with the help of Sara and your keen detective skills in Greed – The Mad Scientist, a chilling hidden object sci-fi adventure.

Just before world-famous scientist Dr. Ralph Goodwin was about to publically announce he had developed a miracle drug to cure nearly every disease, a mysterious explosion at his lab destroyed everything. This most certainly seems like foul play. Arriving at the scene, you are greeted by Sara who knew the doctor well. Soon, you also encounter a strange man-monster. What does this creature have to do with the terrifying events at the lab?

Collect clues and use your wit to pull together the story when you play the free trial version or download the full-version of Greed – The Mad Scientist today!
Genre:  Hidden Object