Gold Fever
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 500 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 128 MB Ram
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Gold Fever 

Gold fever is sweeping the nation and now's your chance to catch it! A thrilling match-three puzzler, Gold Fever challenges you to flip gold coins to arrange the faces in matching groups of three. As you go, you'll explore the vast American West and maybe even strike it rich on your way to California. Tons of levels, clever power-ups, and stunning graphics highlight this historical brain-teaser. Perfect for puzzlers of all ages, add Gold Fever to your collection today.

  • 160 Levels
  • Easy to Learn and Play
  • Exciting Tools and Power-Ups
  • Beautiful Full Screen Display
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Reviews of Gold Fever
 | Added on: May 16, 2011
It was an interesting concept. Set up like a match game, but you flip coins to make a match. But I found it very frustrating. The playing field wasn't large - I mean there weren't a lot of boxes - which made using much strategy difficult. Combine that with a timed game and I found myself just clicking to get the right combination. It wasn't for me.
 | Added on: June 19, 2012
This is a little gem discovered as a free game of the day. The matching is different: the coins have two sides, and you flip them to make matches of at least three. (Note to GH and game designers: make sure matching icons are easily distinguishable, i.e., don’t make the icon design and background color monochromatic like the gold coins.) History tidbits are interesting. Love the Old West and mining graphics, and the animations are terrific, too. A problem for me is the dynamite fuse, AKA the timer. In the earlier levels, the game is simple, and I just ignored the timer so that it didn’t throw me off. Then the game got a little harder, and I did start to lose lives. It gets tough to drop the gold nuggets and break the gold dust tiles before the timer runs out because you rarely have access to power-ups. The money for those is earned by making lots of matches, but that can be hard to do before the timer runs out. So three stars because of the timer and not really giving players with different skill levels a fair shot at the game (including those with visual impairment). And because each level is pretty much the same in terms of what you need to accomplish. Still, it's a unique take on matching, and worth trying.
 | Added on: September 11, 2012
Purchased Gold Fever when first released here on Gamehouse and recently noticed that the game received some rather undeserving low reviews. Wanted to add my review to set the record straight. This is an awesome game and as one reviewer aptly stated that this is one of the best! I have played this game more times over than any other game in my vast collection. Graphics are crisp and clear with awesome sound effects, this is a forever game to be played and enjoyed many times over by we kids of all age groups! Game is timed, starts out easily and becomes more challenging. You begin with three lives and can increase lives by dropping gold nuggets into your miner's cart. This is not always easy as your nuggets need to be positioned so they can fall out to the waiting miner's cart. Try it as I think many Gamers will enjoy the break from many other redundant games of today. Thank you Game House for a truly terrific game! Enjoy!
 | Added on: March 26, 2012
I seriously loved this game. It's a spin on the traditional Match-3 games and I think it does that wonderfully. The first couple of levels are pretty easy and are mostly there to let you adjust to the new kind of gameplay. Once you've finished those, it gets quite challenging. A lot of the games, especially the Match-3 games, on Gamehouse are way too easy, but this one had me really work at the levels. To me, it never got frustrating though, 'cause I could see that the levels could be done, if only I used the right strategy/timing. Another advantage this game has over other Gamehouse games is that it's really long; it's hours and hours and hours of lovely gameplay. There are four stages, and every stage uses the same levels; but every stage introduces a new element that makes the game harder. As you start every new stage with a couple of easy levels, you can adjust your gameplay to the new elements and make it through the challenging levels. I really, really loved this; I think it's one of the best games Gamehouse has to offer.
 | Added on: November 30, 2009
I had an ok time with the flipping of the coins but when you go to switch them to make three in a row or more it didn't work properly. I enjoy the flipping part but nothing else. If you can get the switching part to work properly then this would be an awesome game one that even kids would love.
 | Added on: December 14, 2009
No skill involved, just click real fast. Made it to 2nd chapter, 2nd level and couldn't force myself to play any more. No point, no skill or thought required, just click, click, click. No thanks.
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