Gods VS Humans 

 Gods VS Humans
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Gods VS Humans Stats
  • Dominate 96 different levels of gameplay.
  • Play the story of 5 legendary mythologies.
  • Take on the roles of 20 different gods, including Hades, Thor, and more.
  • Interact with loveable and hilarious characters.

Game Description

The humans think they can build a tower to reach the Kingdom of the Gods. You laugh at their puny efforts in Gods vs. Humans, the strategy game where the power of the gods is tested and proven.

As you destroy their tower and their ambitions to reach the Heavens while still on earth, you keep the humans happy with delights of the flesh. Their happy mood inspires them to worship you, which in turn gives you more power. Use the weaknesses of the humans against them and maintain the power of the gods.

To become a legend, you'll need brains, a sense of humor, and quick reflexes when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Gods vs. Humans today!
Genre:  Strategy