Girls will be Girls Movie Bundle
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  • Windows 7 / Windows Vista
  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Girls will be Girls Movie Bundle 

Take a step back in time to revel in your high school days with the Girls will be Girls Movie Bundle, three entertaining games for one low price.

Enjoy three hit games based on fun high school movies. In Pretty in Pink, relive the friendship, jealousy, and passion from the classic 80's film. In Mean Girls, learn the true meaning behind survival of the fittest in a high school showdown. In Clueless, help the girls pick the perfect outfits to avoid becoming a fashion disaster.

All three games offer unique play experiences from Hidden Object, to Match 3, to Time Management. Discover hundreds of items and play mini-games such as Jigsaw and Memory. Personalize your character and take on side quests in showdowns with friends. Choose from over 500 articles of clothing to dress your characters. It's a collection of games that will give you hours of fun.

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of the Girls will be Girls Movie Bundle today!

  • Enjoy a trio of magnificent movie games for the price of one.
  • Search for Hidden Objects in Pretty in Pink.
  • Engage in Match 3 showdowns with Mean Girls.
  • Join the Time Management frenzy in Clueless.
  • All games in this bundle are also available as individual downloads, so FunPass players still get access to the full version of all these games!
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Reviews of Girls will be Girls Movie Bundle
 | Added on: August 13, 2012
This has to be the worst trio of games on record. The objects were so fuzzy in the hidden object game that you couldn't tell a croissant from a doughnut if your life depended on it. The match 3 game was complely stupid, and the time management game wanted you to put ridiculous-looking outfits together to get a grade. I doubt if even the kids will enjoy any of these, but they are the only ones who would.
 | Added on: August 7, 2012
You have 3 games in this bundle. The first was outright bizarre with pages and pages of tutorials blocking your view to play a match 3 game. The second game was the best of all three with various HO scenes. The third game was ... uh ... uh ... dressing mannequins with the ugliest clothing to pick from. And then you get rated on the outfit!!! All three games had abrupt endings, like they cut them short to fit all three in one bundle. A definite NO reco from me.
 | Added on: August 7, 2012
This game is somewhat challenging in that there are so many layers to the characters that you must take into consideration when you play. I only played a short time and did not find it very entertaining or relaxing enough. Maybe if I was an adolescent girl I would get the game better, but for the mature gamer this was not the game I thought nor do I want to play any further then the first 10 minutes. Too many required elements to remember!!
 | Added on: September 6, 2012
Young high school teen must get dress, make breakfast for dad, and collect things needed. Thats about it.
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