Ghost Encounters - Deadwood 

 Ghost Encounters - Deadwood
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Ghost Encounters - Deadwood Stats
  • Break the curse of Blackjack in this paranormal Hidden Object investigation.
  • Enter the forsaken town of Deadwood to stop his killing spree.
  • Speak with inhabitants, dead and alive, with your psychic gifts.
  • Search the town for useful objects and solve cunning puzzles.

Game Description

Stop a phantom curse unleashed by grave robbers in Ghost Encounters - Deadwood, a spine-tingling supernatural investigation.

It began under a blood moon in a forsaken town called Deadwood. In life, the outlaw called Blackjack earned his name by killing 21 men. In death, he would kill many more. Unwitting grave robbers unleashed a phantom curse on the town and like a plague, the townsfolk dropped dead one by one. No one knew what the wicked spirit wanted but it would take someone extraordinary to stop it.

Enter the town of Deadwood and figure out how to break the curse of Blackjack. Meet the few remaining inhabitants, and a number of special ex-inhabitants, while using your psychic gifts to learn more. Search through the dilapidated town to find useful objects and use them to solve cunning puzzles. Stop the ghost and save the day.

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Genre:  Hidden Object