Gemini Lost™ 

 Gemini Lost™
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Gemini Lost™ Stats
  • Explore a strange new world while searching for a way home
  • Find the Zodiac artifacts and restore the Transporter
  • Earn new abilities, better tools and upgrade technology
  • Match couples according to their astrological preferences
  • Play fun mini-games and solve clever puzzles

Game Description

Follow the stars to find your way home in Gemini Lost, an illuminating time management game where your people's destiny lies within the signs of the Zodiac!

While walking with a group of friends, a mysterious beam of light leads you to an ancient astrological site. There, an unexpected disturbance suddenly carries you all to a strange new world. Now you must take the lead and locate the 12 Zodiac signs to repair the transport and find your way back!

Collect food, build shelter, and conduct scientific research to figure out your new environment. Fish, farm, explore and solve clever puzzles to earn new abilities, better tools and upgrade technology. Grow your population by matching happy couples according to their astrological preferences since it's best to prepare for what may be a long stay.

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Gemini Lost today and experience a journey critics call, "A pleasantly stunning entry into the casual simulation genre, Gemini Lost is the most player-friendly village management game around."