Gem Boy 

 Gem Boy
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Gem Boy Stats
  • Travel through a magical world to get home in this fun Arcade breakout game.
  • Play 30 quick thinking and quick reacting levels.
  • Collect precious gems to unlock helpful power-ups.
  • Earn rewarding achievements.

Game Description

Help a lad find his way home in Gem Boy, an action-packed brick-busting challenge made for all ages.

While playing his favorite brick-busting game, the young William is mysteriously transported to a strange and magical land. A mage appears before him out of thin air, instructing him on what he must do to find his way back home. There are many perils ahead of him however, so the quest will not be easy.

Play 30 quick-thinking levels to help William return home. Use your ball and paddle to destroy an array of bricks that hold the gems necessary for him to return. When power-ups fall, catch them to help you through. Fast, furious and fun, Gem Boy is the perfect fix for classic arcade action.

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Genre:  Arcade