Frogs vs Storks 

 Frogs vs Storks
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Frogs vs Storks Stats
  • Play 5 fun stages of progressive difficulty.
  • Earn 5 fantastic achievements for your hopping success.
  • Enjoy hours and hours of froggy fun with 40 unique levels of play.
  • Make your own fun with the Level Generator.

Game Description

Hop your frogs safely across the pond by avoiding the storks. Carefully collect items as you hop, hop, hop in Frogs vs. Storks, a charming strategy challenge that will keep you busily jumping for hours.

The beautiful pond is covered in lily pads. Jump your frogs across the pond to the yellow lily pads on the other side. Choose your path carefully to avoid ripped lily pads and hungry storks. On the way across the pond be sure to get all the flies, flowers, and eggs to keep you hopping healthy and maintain the safety and peace on the pond.

Outsmart the storks and happily hop, hop, hop when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Frogs vs. Storks today!
Genre:  Strategy