Foreign Dreams 

 Foreign Dreams
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Foreign Dreams Stats
  • Enter a mind wrought with nightmares in this eerie Hidden Object game.
  • Search surreal locations to find the cause behind your friend's unsettling dreams.
  • Locate the answers locked away and hidden amongst strange environments.
  • Solve dozens of mind-boggling puzzles and play inventive mini-games.
  • Enjoy a tantalizing storyline and beautifully illustrated scenes.

Game Description

Stop the nightmares to save your friend from going mad in Foreign Dreams, a game of mystery and symbolism.

When terrible dreams begin to torment her friend, a young woman decides to use her special abilities to help him. Gradually she realizes that her friend Victor is haunted by memories of dark events he experienced during childhood. In order to save him from his past, she prepares to enter into his world of unsettling and dangerous nightmares.

Join this brave young woman in a creepy surreal exploration to save Victor. Enter his mind and dreams to find the source of his haunting visions. Search for answers locked away and hidden amongst the strange environments. Solve mind-boggling puzzles, play inventive mini-games, and find answers to this mystery. What are his nightmares about and who is the little creepy girl inhabiting them?

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Genre:  Hidden Object