Fiction Fixers - Adventures in Wonderland 

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Fiction Fixers - Adventures in Wonderland Stats
  • Check out the Premium Edition of this game which includes an extra game and strategy guide.
  • Journey down the rabbit hole in this Hidden Object adventure.
  • Escort Alice safely through Wonderland, now altered by the infamous Illiterati.
  • Search for useful objects in many memorable locations.
  • Solve intriguing puzzles and play fun mini-games.
  • Meet classic characters like the White Rabbit and the Chesire Cat.
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Game Description

Save Alice and all of Wonderland in Fiction Fixers - Adventures in Wonderland.

The Illiterati, an infamous organization dedicated to the destruction of all literature, is attacking classic works of art and altering the stories! Their first target is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland where work of those wicked agents has already been detected. As a Fiction Fixer, transport yourself into this book and restore what the Illiterati has damaged.

Escort Alice in her perilous new journey through Wonderland. Search for cleverly disguised hidden objects in many memorable locations. Solve intriguing puzzles using special items. Play dozens of fun mini-games. Through your travels, you'll encounter classic characters such as the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of Hearts. Remember to keep a close eye out for the Illiterati however, because they are more dangerous than you think!

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Fiction Fixers - Adventures in Wonderland today and stop the Illiterati!
Genre:  Hidden Object
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