Fate of the Pharaoh 

 Fate of the Pharaoh
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Fate of the Pharaoh Stats
  • Raise the golden cities of Egypt in this Time Management building endeavor.
  • Construct homes, set up production, and open trade in over 40 fantastic levels.
  • Upgrade structures and build monuments to the gods, including the pyramids.
  • Fight crocodiles, cobras, and even meet helpful aliens as you unlock bonus levels.
  • Keep the people happy to earn achievements and become Egypt's greatest Pharaoh.

Game Description

Lead your people back to prosperity after a terrible war in Fate of the Pharaoh, a fabulous effort to restore the glory of ancient Egypt.

Greedy enemies looking for treasure tried again and again to overrun Egypt for its riches. After many attacks, your army finally prevailed and the enemy fled, restoring peace. With so many years of war however, the magnificence of your kingdom is now exhausted and the lands are wrapped in the dust of endless deserts. As ruler of the lands, demonstrate your greatness once again and return Egypt to its days of glory.

Command workers and raise the golden cities in over 40 fantastic levels. Construct homes for the people, set up production of goods, and trade for materials. As you collect taxes to further improve the city, new challenges will arise including building monuments to the gods and keeping the people happy. Fight crocodiles and dangerous cobras, meet aliens, and much more to become Egypt's greatest Pharaoh.

Critics give Fate of the Pharaoh 4 out of 5 stars and state it "serves up very solid gameplay and an amusingly whimsical story." See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Fate of the Pharaoh today!