Fashion Fortune Deluxe 

 Fashion Fortune Deluxe
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Fashion Fortune Deluxe Stats
  • Enjoy all-new features in this robust Deluxe edition including coupons, customer advice, combos, shopping addicts and more.
  • Sell the latest styles during for all seasons in this fun Time Management game.
  • Find perfect outfits, add new lines, and pick the accessories.
  • Deal with shoplifters, tax inspectors, quality inspections and snobby rivals.
  • Purchase useful upgrades, new furniture, and manage the stock.
  • Play a variety of mini-games and make your fashion fortune come true.

Game Description

Take the retail world by storm in Fashion Fortune Deluxe, a fabulous frenzy of shopping delights!

With some free time after graduating school, nothing seems better than to reward yourself with a fun shopping spree. But with unappealing designs and overpriced styles, the bitterness left by these fashion flubs can only be appeased by your thirst to open up a hip and trendy boutique with some real pizzazz. Swing open the doors to your own fashion store and make it the number one place to shop!

Sell fantastic clothes during the four seasons and into the holidays with 66 fun levels filled with newly-added features. Find perfect outfits for your clients, add new lines of clothing, pick the accessories, manage the stock and even add new furniture. Deal with shoplifters, tax inspectors and quality inspections. With useful upgrades to purchase, entertaining mini-games, and tons of profits to make, you can surely make your fashion fortune come true!

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