Farmington Tales 

 Farmington Tales
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Farmington Tales Stats
  • Grab a plow and get farming in this unique Hidden Object/Simulation game.
  • Help Farmer Floyd win a contest to save his farm from the bank.
  • Search for hidden objects while also raising crops in real-time.
  • Repair structures and take on quests with dozens of mini-games.
  • Enjoy a bonus play mode and uncover Wallpapers.

Game Description

Stop the bank from repossessing the farm from an old couple in Farmington Tales, an innovative farming experience.

Dahlia Farms is in trouble after Floyd's wife falls ill. He takes out a loan to pay the medical costs but the bank has other plans in mind. Now, Floyd's only hope in keeping the farm is to build the best darn farm you ever laid eyes on and win the coveted Farmer of the Year award.

Help Floyd and his wife save the farm in this magnificent mix of Hidden Object and Farm Simulation games. Search round the farm for lost treasures in places like the hay barn, the pumpkin patch, and the cow stable to sell and earn money. Grow fruits and vegetables, nurture animals, and sell the product in your very own farmer's market. Plow your fields, plant, water, fertilize and harvest the perfect crop. You can even purchase blueprints from the shop and build upgrades like a silo or a windmill!

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Farmington Tales and save the farm today!
Genre:  Hidden Object