Farm Tribe
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 256 MB Ram
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Award Value: 1 Stamp
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Farm Tribe 

Help organize a farm and solve the mystery of a Mayan tribe in Farm Tribe, a wonderful blend of simulation and farm management.

Anny's father is doing research in the jungle and has enlisted her assistance in financing the project. While her father is away investigating the ruins of a Mayan tribe, she must stay behind and figure out how to pay for the land that is being used as a base camp. Her solution, a bustling organic farm of course!

Join Anny as she uses her green thumb to get the farm off the ground and going. Grow crops, gather food, construct buildings, and sell your wares in the city. Direct and educate the workers to become more efficient and defend against pesky bugs. Cook food, decorate the farm, and attract new customers. Along the way, you'll collect items that will help her father's research to solve the Mayan mystery.

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Farm Tribe today!

  • Raise enough money to save an archeological base camp in this fun farming Simulation.
  • Grow crops, gather food, and construct buildings to get a farm off the ground.
  • Cook delightful dishes from organic products and earn money selling them.
  • Hire workers, buy them tools, and improve their professional skills.
  • Build, decorate and expand the farm to attract new workers and customers.
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Reviews of Farm Tribe
 | Added on: May 12, 2011
there was nothing exciting about this game for me. assign tribesmen to different tasks-feed them-build buildings when the game tells u to. at least in the 1st hr, i found nothing to be strategic about. the graphics were good. maybe if i play longer, i'll find out where the challenge is in this game...we'll see.
 | Added on: May 31, 2011
This game has all the fun of a fast paced time management game, and the challenge of a resource management game. You get the fun of naming Your little people, which really helps to keep track of what You are training them. Fill orders quickly, and keep the little people on task, but do not let the storage fill up, or You lose valuable resources.
 | Added on: May 26, 2011
This game has really clear uncluttered graphics which i really liked, easy to follow especially if you are used to TM formats. as i got further through though i did find i was just biding time until the game had offered the last few pieces of the map to 'found', and that was a bit tedious. Still a good game with clear instructions.
 | Added on: February 17, 2012
I felt Farm Tribe was fairly challenging and I enjoyed the pace of the game. It was relaxed but you had to think about your moves and priorities. The graphics are great and I liked the "personalities" of the farm hands. I'm looking forward to Farm Tribe 2!
 | Added on: May 12, 2011
This game combined the reality based island games with the farm growing games I love! Within the game are challenges to meet, which creates an addictive edge.
 | Added on: January 21, 2014
Nice change of pace. Graphics are quriky but fun. Yes it is a basic game of fetch and earn to build but you also have to defend the farm from caterpillars. The real challenge is to see if you can reach the goals with the least amount of people. It has good replay value as you can change your plans to meet goals quicker. It is kid friendly.
 | Added on: March 10, 2012
I like this game. It's a nice combination between a virtual villager simulation and a farm game. It could stand to be a bit more challenging. Building placement and garden placement is already programmed into the game and leaves the player with no choices, but I still enjoyed the variety. It is a fun, relaxing, family friendly game. My children really enjoy it.
 | Added on: May 12, 2011
This is the best game I've played for a while from Gamehouse! It's so addictive and I'm sorry it's finished! I can't wait until Farm Tribe 2 is released
 | Added on: May 16, 2011
I like the theme of a farm and the gradual growth of the population along with the new buildings, food items, and other items.
 | Added on: November 7, 2011
I loved this game! Please come out with Farm Tribe 2!!!!!
 | Added on: November 14, 2011
This game started out very slow but I am so happy I stuck with it. Once you get trhough some of the first challenges the games picks up with decision making and the like. I like the idea that you try to specialize your workers, although i really didn't see that it helped make them work faster. You do need a scientist to finish though. What always kept me going was wanting to figure out what came next. Great game.
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