Farm Frenzy - Viking Heroes
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Farm Frenzy - Viking Heroes 

Drop your battle-axe and pick up a plow in Farm Frenzy - Viking Heroes Deluxe, an all-new spirited challenge from the hit farming series. As an 8th century viking, you would rather run a farm than pillage foreign lands. Raise colorful animals including unicorns, produce goods, and enjoy a fresh experience that's packed with more thrills than a horn of honey beer. No helmet required!

  • play a wonderful Viking farmer in this fresh time management challenge
  • raise animals including unicorns and squirrels in 172 amazing levels
  • create new products, sail them to market, and build Viking inventions in seven unique worlds
  • enjoy two different modes and earn 22 distinct achievements
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Reviews of Farm Frenzy - Viking Heroes
 | Added on: October 5, 2011
You just have to keep going with this game. It keeps you very entertained.
 | Added on: October 21, 2011
The graphics remain great. The loading is pretty slow, but I wouldn't even mind that if the challenge had been the same. Way too easy & not up to the challenge presented by the earlier games. I'm no longer looking forward to the next Farm Frenzy game.
 | Added on: September 17, 2011
I really like that they have revamped the storyline for the Farm Frenzy series, but the load times between levels is ridiculous. I played for 30 minutes and got through 3 levels because the load time was soooo long.
 | Added on: September 26, 2011
Yes in story mode it can be somewhat slowed down by the extra screen loads. What I like is that Animals can be upgraded at times. You don't just have bears per se they change. The top character like the robots and oil bears constantly change. Playing standard mode isn't so bad and i'm not even done yet! The backgrounds change too so its not the same old same old through the game. Some levels are easy some well you know. At first i almost didn't like it, but now i just keep comig back.
 | Added on: November 9, 2011
I don't give reviews because all of you gamers usually say it all (I've been w. RealArc since 2003). But THIS GAME HAS BEEN GIVEN WAY TOO LITTLE PRAISE for the quality and awsome fun it is. AWSOME NEW CHARACTERS! They are just a hoot every one of them and the "trolls" or whatever they are that drop down are such a nice twist and their moves are just great. I find myself getting so distracted by wanting to look at them and laugh that I forget to cage them at times. The music, I WANT THE MUSIC just to keep; to get me smiling and cleaning fast. It is so catchy that my 16-year-old wants to do her homework to it, or just hang out with me while I play it. "IT MAKES ME DANCE" SHE SAYS and moves in hilarious fashion to it. KEEP THEM COMING! Last but not least, you who have the "long-load-compaint" and therefore didn't give the game it's real due (or chance) it is your computer, not the game. Sometimes even your connection to the internet slows you down. Just unplug for a few minutes and plug in again. Check w. support what you can do to keep this type of game fast.
 | Added on: September 20, 2011
I also as many other players love the Farm Frenzy series, but for some reason I just could not seem to get into this one like I did all the others. I really liked in the first games how they would show you progress by building up your properties on the little map. If something like that was there I could not find it. I did not seem to have the same loading problem as each time I saw the Viking he only took maybe l0 seconds at most to load the levels.I only tried the one hour version but cannot really ever see myself buying this game. As usual Gamehouse you have so many wonderful games to play that I am never bored. Thank you.
 | Added on: September 17, 2011
I am a HUGE fan of the Farm Frenzy series. When I saw that they had a new one I was so excited...what a dissapointment! Luckily I played the free trial first and didn't buy it. You have to wait a couple of minutes for EACH LEVEL to is such a pain. I will certainly not be buying this.
 | Added on: September 23, 2011
The load time for each section is crazy long. It makes the game really boring. I love all the farm frenzy games so if they ever fix the slow loading issue I will buy this game but untill then it just makes me way to sleepy! O and incase you are wondering my computer is a brand new Dell(XPS 8300 W/i7-2600 processer, 3.4GHz) and this is the first game I put on it, so I know it's not my computer!
 | Added on: September 28, 2011
I like all the farm frenzy games. This is all that I want to write, so don't force me.
 | Added on: September 20, 2011
I feel like the odd ball out after reading the other reviews. Yes, there is a loading time for each level, but it's never more than 10 seconds -- I'm surprised at how impatient people are these days! Maybe it's b/c I've just reached my 30s, but I remember when the Atari back-and-forth ball game was considered fun, so in retrospect, I'll take a few seconds of loading! Either way, that's not why I gave this 4 stars. Actually, it was because for once, I felt that the gold (or in some rare cases, silver) was attainable on every level -- and I never felt that way about the others in the series. I'm a quick thinker, but I'm also easily frustrated and so I had given up on most of the other games about halfway through b/c it was always impossible for me to get either gold or silver even after several replays. This one I played til the end though. Plus, I didn't have to collect a single egg, which was a nice change. I don't know, I guess I stand alone here, but I stand here with my 4 stars nonetheless!
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
This game will have you sitting and waiting for the pages to load for more time than you'll actually be playing. This is not a technical issue that can be resolved either, it's extremely irritating. I have a lightning fast computer too, so it's even worse for others. I was really disappointed, I love the other Farm Frenzy games.
 | Added on: September 22, 2011
yey another farm frenzy i do enjoy these games,seems a bit harder than before and oh the cycling viking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is driving me mad .surely there is no need to have him inbetween every sectiopn of the game. i think i preffered the origional set up of farm frenzy,this seems to feel a bit boring,too much time wasting in between levels. however i do like tm games and wish there were more. greyu haired grannie.
 | Added on: September 17, 2011
Love the game, love the change in graphics and challenges. Detest the Viking on his balloon and bicycle. I came here just to see if it is so slow for everyone else too lol. Can't believe the developers would not have gotten sick of him when they were testing the game. I just played the demo for about forty five minutes and only got 5 levels into the game because of how slow everything loads. I replay a level till I get gold before I move on but OMG he is there too slowing you down. The slowness is so bad that I had to subtract two stars off the rating just for that. Only thing is I am a sucker for FF games and I know I am going to leave here and go buy it. But I agree with the other player I don't think I will have a hard time walking away from this game just because I am sick of the Viking. May take me awhile to beat this one.
 | Added on: September 22, 2011
I understand what people are complaining about with the loading times, loss of the map showing progress, and the small number of stars in the beginning when you play Adventure Mode. I'm not going to be as harsh in my review because I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and reached gold on each level. It had the basics that I look forward to in the Farm Frenzy games. The loading time can be bad, especially in the beginning, I have a newer computer and was surprised. I used a game booster which helped, and eventually some of the scenes started loading faster on their own. I also miss the map where you can see your progress. I hope they go back to that in the future. There are two modes of game play, Standard and Adventure. Standard gives you more stars per level and you can choose which upgrades you'd like. Adventure gives you fewer stars in the beginning to buy upgrades on equipment and animals, and you have to earn the upgrades on your buildings by finishing levels. Adventure also has the storyline, while Standard does not. I played both Standard and Adventure and it never felt like I was repeating a level. I had hours of game play with just one game, and I always like that. Try it before you buy it, of course.
 | Added on: September 17, 2011
I gave up with this game after 20 minutes, it wasn't the game play, i got bored of the consent waiting for everything to load, that poor fellow on his bike must be exhausted by now.
 | Added on: October 10, 2011
I love all the Farm Frenzy games, and this one is no exception.
 | Added on: September 17, 2011
I found it alot of aggrivation, for the frequent use of the loading bar between every move from level to level or replay. It takes way too long and gives not enough coins to level up. VERY not recomend this game if you have no patience.
 | Added on: September 20, 2011
As others have noted, this game has painfully slow load times between levels. However, it also simply plays slow. Yes, I've read the comments from "Gamehouse Customer Service" about needing a high end graphics card to play this game. I have a faster processor and multiple times the memory listed in the system requirements, and I've been able to play all other Farm Frenzy games with no problems, yet this one is pathetically slow. If having a pure gaming system is going to become the requirement for Gamehouse games, then I guess I should cancel my membership.
 | Added on: September 20, 2011
I usually love the farm frenzy games; however, this one isn't worth the effort. There is huge amount of delay time while screens are loading.
 | Added on: September 19, 2011
All the previous FF games have been slower to load, but this one makes a career of it! All the reviews I've read had the same experience. The posted solution is to upgrade to high-end graphics card, increase RAM, blah, blah, blah... Well, I have all that and it is still INCREDIBLY SLOW. I only played until the first appearance of the dogs and then I got some error and the game quit. I gave up at that point. I will say the concepts were good and I was pleased with the new ideas for the animals, what was being collected and built. I would have started over again after the error if I didn't think I would go insane waiting for each screen to load. I was so looking forward to the new FF, but in the end was terribly disappointed.
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