Farm 2 

 Farm 2
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Farm 2 Stats
  • Help two kids run their uncle's farm in this unique Time Management game.
  • Harvest food, collect products, and sell them at market.
  • Upgrade the farm with new pens and fields for animals and produce.
  • Purchase equipment to create new products for greater revenue.
  • Enjoy the challenge as the game gets speedier every time.

Game Description

Enjoy a day on the farm raising crops and animals in Farm 2, a unique challenge to turn a small farm into a thriving business.

Johnny and Annie are out of school and have decided to visit their uncle's farm for a fun vacation. When they arrive however, they find their uncle sick and in bed, unable to care for the farm and its animals. Johnny and Annie quickly decide to roll up their sleeves and get the farm back on track to producing all they need to make it successful once again.

Help Johnny and Annie run the farm as they tend to crops and animals. Harvest food, collect products, and sell them at market. With the money earned, you can upgrade the farm, stock new plants and animals, or purchase items to create new products. Produce more goods, deliver more orders to the nearby town, and turn the small farm to a full-fledged business.

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