Family Tales - The Sisters 

 Family Tales - The Sisters
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Family Tales - The Sisters Stats
  • Puzzle through uniquely challenging conundrums.
  • Find details within flashback story snippets.
  • Unravel a strange and eerie family story.
  • Explore layered hidden object scenes.
  • Choose from three different modes of play: Easy, Expert, or Pro.

Game Description

Your sister Anna haunts your dreams, pleading for your help. Are these just nightmares or are they real messages? You must find out in Family Tales - The Sisters, an eerie hidden object adventure.

Images of dark forces threaten and your sleep is deeply disturbed. You expect to find Anna at your childhood home, but when you arrive, she is nowhere to be found. Track her trail as your childhood memories send you hints about the trauma your sister has endured.

Through the cobwebs and mess that's left of your parents' old home, you search for clues and are reminded of oddities. You discover the reality of the Dark Lord and his evil plans to cross over into everyday reality. Can you keep him away and save your sister from the alternate reality that has her trapped?

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