Faded Reality 

 Faded Reality
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Faded Reality Stats
  • Step into the strange unknown with this Hidden Object mystery.
  • Follow visions of an eye transplant patient in search of odd disappearances.
  • Enjoy a new way of finding objects by solving words.
  • Play creative mini-games to reveal more mysteries.
  • Can you discover the deadly truth of an experiment gone wrong?

Game Description

Reveal the secrets behind haunting visions in Faded Reality, an eerie seek-and-find quest.

Monica just received a corneal transplant but after the successful surgery, she is plagued by strange visions that she cannot explain. As reality fades into strange glimpses of places that she has never been to, she stumbles across a series of mysterious disappearances connected to her donor and an unknown clinic. Soon she realizes however, that this odd quest to find answers may also turn deadly.

Help Monica use her new abilities to decipher visions and stay safe. Find the clues to re-create events of the past and figure out what happened to her donor as well as the other patients of the clinic. Enjoy a whole new way of finding objects, visit a wide variety of settings, and solve fun word puzzles. Can you discover the deadly truth of an experiment gone wrong?

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Genre:  Hidden Object