Fable of Dwarfs 

 Fable of Dwarfs
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Fable of Dwarfs Stats
  • Travel through a world of dwarfs within an captivating story.
  • Earn more than 50 achievements.
  • Choose from 3 game modes.
  • Play 56 unique levels of story.

Game Description

Be the hero of the Dwarven Kingdom. King Bob and his brothers need your help. Let the enchantment begin in Fable of Dwarfs, a delightful time management game full of fun and adventure!

There's much to learn and explore and many tasks to keep you running as time presses on. Learn about ancient dwarf talismans and how to make them. Do battle with ruthless northern winds, meet an old wizard, and triumph through a myriad of trials.

Bring your quick wit and unfettered imagination when you try the free trial version of Fable of Dwarfs today!