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  • Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 10
  • 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Help Sophie recover her memories and solve the mystery that lurks behind the tests she must undergo in Experiment, a distinctive adventure match 3 game!

Where is she and what happened before she blacked out? Who is Adam and can Sophie trust him? As she follows his directions, Sophie begins to understand that there is much at stake. Play in relaxed story mode, timed story mode, arcade mode, or puzzle mode. Win trophies as you champion your way through a variety of challenges.

Upon waking up in an empty room, Sophie encounters a demanding scientist who requires her participation in unusual experiments. Complete a unique assortment of match 3 challenges to avoid the worst. Are you up to the test?

Try the free-trial version of Experiment or download the full-unlimited version today!

  • Follow a suspenseful and intriguing storyline.
  • Play a unique assortment of match 3 games.
  • Choose from four modes of play: timed, relaxed, arcade, or puzzle mode.
  • Win trophies as your triumphs amass.
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Reviews of Experiment
 | Added on: May 8, 2013
Fabulous Match 3 game. Story Mode is loads of fun. You are trying to open a gate or door at the end of the hall. There are six doors (three on each side of the hall) that you have to play through to remove the bars from the door at the end of the hall. Each door gives you different levels to achieve and puzzles to solve with keys and locks. It is a little different than your normal Match 3 game. I love this game and intend to play it repeatedly!
 | Added on: May 9, 2013
I was intrigued by this game and it started out okay. You play a woman who awakens in a locked room with no memory of why she's there or even who she is. Then a mysterious man appears, and gives cryptic instructions. To get out of the room you must play various Match 3 games. Okay, I'm imagining that as I complete goals I will receive additional information. Like why I'm stuck here. But instead, I played and played, finally opened the first door and SURPRISE! 6 MORE doors that I must beat in order to....well I don't know because I am only told that I must open the doors. I imagine doors upon doors, a never-ending game. And that's what it feels like after a while. The actual games are fine. Bright colored shapes, the music is quite pleasant, not a bad relaxing game for short periods of play. But the game as a whole is really boring and uneven. The actual goal for each match changes each round. Sometimes you are matching specific gems only, or matching keys to locks. But there is a limited amount of variety and soon it feels factory work. There is both a timed and a relaxed version. I usually play relaxed but found that in this game it made it even more boring. The timer doesn't present much of a challenge anyway. I wouldn't recommend buying this game but I can see playing it occasionally on the FunPass. It's too bad because it sounded like such an intriguing concept but the experiment failed. I'm being generous with 3 stars, it would be more like 2 1/2.
 | Added on: May 8, 2013
At first I had relatively high hopes for the game. The graphics seemed well done, the in game music was relaxing and didn't overpower the game experience. The storyline was intriguing enough that I decided to finish the game- but that's it for the positives. It would have been made better if there was a way to view the progress you made through the level sets- instead, you were playing through what seemed like endless levels. Also, the 'unique assortment' of Match 3 types boiled down to this- there were different rules you had in order to complete each level, and these were repeated ad nauseam. Instead of wondering what new challenges the levels would bring, I found myself asking "When does this end?" Maybe some children might find this game entertaining- but for anyone who wants a good storyline and 'original' gameplay, this is not it.
 | Added on: May 10, 2013
Sophie finds herself in a dark room without memories, and with a scientist giving him tasks, promising to reveal more as Sophie progresses. The tasks themselves are carried out by solving a set of match-3 boards in order to reach the end and find out who Sophie and the scientist really are. Let me start by saying that Experiment plays very well, it is really responsive and easy to control. You can also select the level of challenge you want to face as there is a "relaxed" and a "timed" mode for the story. What makes Experiment stand out from the crowd of match-3 titles however is the extremely varied set of goals. 4 hours into the game it still introduces new goals. If shooting for a high score is your thing, Experiment also has you covered. In “arcade” mode, you have the typical races against time. Each time you reach your goal, even less time is given to make even more matches. Personally I found this game mode a bit too stressful and I preferred the "puzzle" mode which does not have a timer, but offers 50 levels with one true way to clear the board. I really recommend Experiment. Try the demo first, you'll be surprised to see how different it is from other match-3 titles.
 | Added on: May 14, 2013
Judging from the reviews, this seems to be one of those games that players either really like or really don't like. I'm afraid I'm in the latter category. When it first started, I was intrigued. I like different twists on games. But there was very little direction. There are several different modes of play, but whatever mode you choose, it becomes very repetitive very fast with no reward in sight. It seems that only 'you' have the ability to unlock these gates--to what end, we aren't really told. Then after the first round of play, we find a set of six doors with numerous repetitive games inside each door before proceeding to the next where you are met with more repetitive games. The story line doesn't pull you forward, nor does the game play. And what I find most irritating is that if I don't immediately see a match, the game is pointing one out before I've even had a chance to look at the whole board. I had high hopes, but this was very disappointing.
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