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Experiment Stats
  • Follow a suspenseful and intriguing storyline.
  • Play a unique assortment of match 3 games.
  • Choose from four modes of play: timed, relaxed, arcade, or puzzle mode.
  • Win trophies as your triumphs amass.

Game Description

Help Sophie recover her memories and solve the mystery that lurks behind the tests she must undergo in Experiment, a distinctive adventure match 3 game!

Where is she and what happened before she blacked out? Who is Adam and can Sophie trust him? As she follows his directions, Sophie begins to understand that there is much at stake. Play in relaxed story mode, timed story mode, arcade mode, or puzzle mode. Win trophies as you champion your way through a variety of challenges.

Upon waking up in an empty room, Sophie encounters a demanding scientist who requires her participation in unusual experiments. Complete a unique assortment of match 3 challenges to avoid the worst. Are you up to the test?

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Genre:  Match 3