Evil Pumpkin - Platinum Edition 

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Evil Pumpkin - Platinum Edition Stats
  • Choose from two modes: Adventure and Casual.
  • Participate in the unfolding of 6 chapters of riveting adventure.
  • Interact with everyday objects, objects that can be modified, and upgradable tools.
  • Play challenging puzzles and mini-games.

Game Description

Follow the young Van Hallows down the rabbit hole into an exploration of the mystery of Halloween in Evil Pumpkin – Platinum Edition, a very weird and curiously exciting adventure game.

Gourds unite to rise up against children's laughter and carving knives. They intend to crush the candy and blow out all the candles. They want their freedom and they are willing to fight for it. Can you assist the young adventurer Van Hallows in getting to the bottom of this mysterious uprising?

Beware of the emergence of parallel realities when you play the free trial version of Evil Pumpkin – Platinum Edition today!
Genre:  Hidden Object