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  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
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Witness the past, present and future to save your grandfather in Eternity, a spectacular time-traveling adventure.

It's been a while since you last saw your grandfather but at his urgent request, you now stand before him and his latest invention, a time machine. He wants to test it out and needs your help but as he turns it on, things go wrong. Your grandfather is now trapped somewhere in time and only you can rescue him.

Jump into the time machine and travel through history to bring him back. Visit the Stone Age, ancient Egypt, and up to the distant future searching for his whereabouts. Find clues, help friendly inhabitants, and solve mystifying puzzles. Each era you visit holds countless secrets and amazing stories. But don't delay, because your grandfather can be lost in eternity forever!

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Eternity today!

  • Jump into a time machine in this wonderful Hidden Object journey.
  • Find clues to the whereabouts of your missing grandfather.
  • Visit the Stone Age, ancient Egypt, the distant future, and more.
  • Help friendly inhabitants and solve mystifying puzzles.
  • Each era you visit holds countless secrets and amazing stories.
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Reviews of Eternity
 | Added on: August 23, 2010
I thought this game was very good with a good story and challenging puzzles. Some of the HOG parts had backgrounds so dark that i couldn't see the items and had to use hints to find them, but other than that, a very good game.
 | Added on: August 20, 2010
I tried playing this game 3 times and it is so frustrating. Maybe it is me and my old brain but I could not figure this one out. I am sure others might like it so give it a try.
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
this is the first time i have been "tricked" into believing customer reviews. this game is awful and its one i bought!! I am usually very careful how i purchase games and this has the approval of a bunch of different folks, (sometimes i beleive the rating are given my the creators of the games) but this game really was awful. poor constuction, cofusing writings, poor graphics, overall maybe a one and a half
 | Added on: August 26, 2010
Really enjoyed it! I don't have anything else to say.
 | Added on: September 2, 2010
I liked this game well enough to finish the demo, and purchase the game. The graphics were good, the music was good, and the story line was good. I was OK with going from scene to scene to find the different things that I needed. The long and unskippable tutorial was tiresome. Tutorials should always be skippable, especially if you like to replay the game. Too, it was a bit "chatty". I would have liked to skip the dialogue. I got several hours of gameplay out of it, though after a while the pace got sort of repetitive. I hope the developers read these reviews, and make a sequel that is even better. That is what will keep us buying their games!
 | Added on: August 30, 2010
This was a fun game. Not the hardest game I ever played, but it's no "pushover" either. Graphics were great. I enjoyed the bit of humor. It did end rather abruptly. I'm assuming there will be a sequel and if so I will play. Try it, you'll like it.
 | Added on: January 20, 2012
The game consisted of chapters where you travel back in time and help the hero of that time. Examples such as Robin Hood, Monte Cristo, etc. As far as gameplay, it was a nice game with good graphics and music. The puzzles were a little bit challenging but you had the option to skip the puzzle which I did on a few. The hints refilled quickly but I rarely used them. You do have to think about what to do next since there aren't too many instructions. I was definitely disappointed on the ending and the game is way too short. It took me I think, four hours to complete it. I smell a sequel though!
 | Added on: August 21, 2010
i thought the game was fun and i didnt think it was to confusing had to get a couple hints but i still liked it i would buy it
 | Added on: August 23, 2010
I enjoyed this game very much. If you are looking for a game that mirrors history very closely, keep looking. If you are looking a game to take your mind off normal day-to-day activities, this is a good buy. The graphics are very good, the story line kept me interested, however, I felt the ending was overly abrupt. For me the highpoint of the game was watching the credits. Seriously, I have not laughed that hard for some time. I recommend you try this game!
 | Added on: March 30, 2012
I never comment, however I felt that this one warranted the effort. I loved this game, you do have to figure things out for yourself, but it is rather easy to figure out. Loved the variety of scenes and the story.
 | Added on: November 30, 2010
Eternity is a complicated game that makes you think, pause and consider before you complete the 4 sections for each level.
 | Added on: August 23, 2010
Wow! Well I must say this has got to be one of the most odd and frustrating games I've ever played. To start off with, you're asked to find items in the scene but I found to actually find these items, most are found in other scenes of the game. Took me a bit to figure out why I wasn't finding much of anything. Every game I've played, if you're asked to find items in a scene, well most are located there while yes a few may be in other scenes or have to use items from one scene in the game to unlock other scenes in the game but as I said, most items in this game are in other scenes. Where this game really went downhill for me is I can't get past the water fall scene. It tells me to use the machete but every time I try to use it, keeps telling me to first put secret papyrus onto pillar which is on the pillar and fix the gear and I can't find the gear??? I also just don't find this game worthy of going to another website for a walk through because I just found this game to be DOWNRIGHT BORING AND FRUSTRATING as all I found myself doing is moving my cursor along the screen until it changes, destroying the forest and damming the rivers as mentioned. I also didn't care for the charcters. About the only two nice things about this game is the graphics and it didn't lock up my computer. This is just my opinion of the game. All I can say is try this game cause you may like it as several people have. Sorry Gamehouse didn't like this at all. A definite stop madness, cut off and pull the plug.
 | Added on: July 31, 2012
Nice basic HOG game, especially for beginners, experienced players may get bored. Graphics decent and objects not that hard to fine. One drawback is you have to do things in sequence which can frustrate some. It is good it has two modes. Experienced HOG players may want to play the harder one. It is kid friendly and a nice way to learn abit about ancient civilizations. If you just want a realaxing HOG, then playthis in casual mode.
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
Characters in this one were based on historical figures, but don't expect to learn much from them. Diary entries were meant to be funny but just sounded snarky and poorly composed. The game seemed to go on forever, (an ETERNITY!) and too much of the gameplay was mousing around the screen, looking for hot spots. A nifty idea, poorly executed. Don't bother with this one.
 | Added on: September 13, 2010
You've no idea what you are trying to find or why you are trying to find them so you have to wave your cursor around the screen until it turns into a hand to pick up the object. When you pick up enough, you have to think how to combine some of them and think which screen to use them on to progress. The small selection of HO games are not great as some of the objects you can barely see as they are on the edge of the screen. Got bored quickly so can only play this game in short bursts.
 | Added on: August 20, 2010
Nice graphics, but not very smooth transitions. Took a minute to figure out how to play through even with the tutorial (it was only marginally helpful). Instructions were confusing. Each level was finished very quickly. Might be a great game for someone younger, but I won't be purchasing it for myself. I got halfway through on the free trial.
 | Added on: August 24, 2010
pretty rooms. to clicky and to much guessing. don't like it. to much wasted time.
 | Added on: September 13, 2010
I thought this game would be interesting. I was very disappointed. There are no hints or clues as to where to go from any screen and it takes too long to figure it out. I do not recommend this game for people who like fast-paced interaction in hidden object games.
 | Added on: August 19, 2010
This game is kind of like a more sophisticated Mortimer Beckett. The art is very nice, the scenes are interesting, and the game is easy to follow. The only down side is that searching is a fool's game...the cursor changes to a hand when you find an item (I always play relaxed mode.) This takes some of the challenge out of the game. Still a 4 star game, though, and well worth the time and $ to play!
 | Added on: August 23, 2010
At first the game was frustratng, but as you get into the game it get's better. The graphics is nce.
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